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CloudBooks has released an update to their admired Time Tracking App for Small Businesses. Highly respected by freelancers & small business for its spontaneous interface and user friendly clock, app can trace services and operating cost, register discounts, use several currencies, record fractional payments and more. CloudBooks time tracking app is mostly used by small business owners & freelancers who favor a professional result over pen and paper or spreadsheets to maintain accurate records of their time and invoices.

The CEO of CloudBooks said, "Our time tracking for freelancers offers numerous methods to follow time with little effort. Most users value the reminders that assist them begin, restart or end the timer. Instead of relying on their remembrance and concentration to manage the timer, users can devote themselves fully on their job." He added that, "The CloudBooks Time tracking apps uses a dominant template language that can be used to generate great looking invoices. Using a modify template, invoices can be uploaded to HTML, Microsoft Word and other formats so to print and mail them."

It is the uniqueness of the time tracking for small businesses app which is making the CloudBooks an absolute hit in the market. Our application time tracking for small business offer amazing features like the push notifications, mobile upgrades, calendar integration and several other features which make the individuals very productive.

CloudBooks offers highly above mentioned featured time tracking app for small businesses& Freelancers that have outstanding features and they are ideal for doing the one-off, complex and extremely complicated jobs like the website building, customization of the CRM platform. CloudBooks time tracking tool and app is not also very costly. They can be afforded by the small businesses. If you want some simple, efficient and very affordable time tracking app, then you may choose CloudBooks as your destination.

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