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The one thing that is different about CloudBooks than other accounting software is that we are online-focused, meaning that one of the two requirements for creating a new contact is an email address (the other one being an Organization Name).
  • Enter your email address if your client doesn't have one.
  • After creating and saving a new client, the “new client” portion of the screen minimizes and reveals the blank invoice to fill out.
  • Go on to create a few tasks. You can create new ones straight from the invoice window. You can also select from existing tasks.
  • There aren't very many options, simply a name, description, and amount.
  • Put the finishing touches on your invoice by entering your terms for payment.
  • Send it! You have the option of email or snail mail (a.k.a. ground mail) to get the invoice in your customer’s hands.
To do this task
  • Go to invoice Tab
  • Tick a check mark to a invoice
  • click to "enter payment" option
  • choose methods of payment
  • Click to "save"
To do this task
  • Go to the Dashboard tab and then the Credits tab
  • Click on the red “New Credit” button
  • Fill out the credit receipt exactly same way you would do when you create a new invoice (select a client from the dropdown, enter the amount in the task/item table)
  • Click to Apply button
To create items for an invoice, please follow few similar steps:
  • Go to Items tab
  • Click on the "New Item"
  • Fill all the details and save it and you are done :)
To create an Expense, please follow few similar steps:
  • Go to the Expenses tab
  • Click to "New Expenses" button
  • Fill all the details
  • Click to "submit" button
To create a Estimate, please follow few similar steps:
  • Go to Estimate tab
  • Click to New Estimate button
  • Fill all the Details
  • Here you can choose option Save as Draft,Send as Mail ,Send via snail mail
We have very easy steps to create a Tax:
  • Go to Tax tab
  • Click to add New Tax
  • Fill Tax name and Rate
  • Click to "save"