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CloudBooks: The Ideal Invoicing Software Alternative to Xero

All small businesses and freelancers need a robust online invoicing software that enables their payments cycles to function flawlessly. Creating invoices involves a great deal of precision, which is why you need a comprehensive software solution that will simplify your billing and payment processes. You can rely on CloudBooks for not only your invoicing needs, but also for time tracking and business expense management.

CloudBooks is the ultimate invoicing software for small businesses.

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Use Free Plan

When you use Xero, you’re deprived of free plans and all you get is a 30-day trial. CloudBooks, on the other hand, is an invoicing system for small businesses that makes things more affordable with its free plan.

Say Yes to Cost-Effectiveness

Xero allows users to send only five invoices when they use its early paid plan. Users have to buy more expensive and premium plans to be able to send unlimited invoices.

CloudBooks turns out to be a far better and cost-effective alternative as you can send five invoices using its free plan. Its reasonably-priced Team and Agency plans enable you to send an unlimited number of invoices.

Know Where You’re Spending

Xero’s premium plan allows you to only track and manage your business expenses. As a solid project tracking software, CloudBooks lets you do this as well as manage your bills. Now that’s called multi-tasking!

Use the Time Tracking Tool

With Xero, you will have to spend more and buy the premium plan to avail the time tracking feature. CloudBooks offers this tool with its affordable plans to ensure that your projects are always completed on time.

Apart from serving as an effective employee time tracking software, it enables you to track billable hours depending on the hours spent on each task.

Track Traveled Miles

Xero does not allow users to track their traveled miles. This can result in losses.

CloudBooks, on the other hand, is a small business accounting software that can be used to track the miles/kilometres traveled, convert them into invoices, and bill them to your clients with just a click.

Sky Is the Limit

When working with Xero, users are able to add only a limited number of projects into the system. For adding unlimited projects, you will have to pay more.

This is not a problem when you work with CloudBooks, which allows you to add unlimited projects in the software at no extra cost.

Design Professional Invoices

How your invoices look can make a huge difference in the way your business is perceived by your clients. With CloudBooks’ invoice program, you can look forward to create impressive and professional-looking invoices that convey the numbers clearly, enabling timely and full payments.

Fast. Simple. Magical.

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What’s Your Schedule Like?

Thanks to CloudBooks’ built-in Calendar facility, scheduling appointments, meetings, and events is as easy as clicking a button. Unfortunately, Xero’s invoicing program offers no such feature.

Easy Collaboration and Conversion

Xero invoice templates make no provision for users to collaborate with clients, and view invoices and conversions in one place.

CloudBooks, however, plugs this gap.

Simplicity Works for All

Using Xero for small business may not result in a great user experience because of its complex interface.

CloudBooks is more user-friendly, so users have nothing to worry about.

Gather Genuine Client Reviews

Looking to garner authentic client reviews for your work on their projects? Xero will not serve your purpose as it is not equipped with this feature. CloudBooks, however, is and can make this happen.

Manage Clients Better

Unfortunately, Xero does not enable users to get a quick view of client’s projects and invoicing on the dashboard. This hampers effective client management. CloudBooks users get this facility, which is why they manage clients better.

Enable Quicker Payments

CloudBooks equips its users with features that enable convenient and error-free cash flow as well as quicker disbursements through online payments.

Create Contracts Easily

While Xero provides no functionality for creating contracts, CloudBooks lets you do so with ease. You can also use CloudBooks to get the contracts signed by your client.