Online Subscription Billing Software Offers These 4 Advantages


Subscription is the way of business for so many industries around us, whether it is TV, Netflix, or household items like milk. For businesses looking to manage a subscription-based model, a billing software that supports subscriptions is a necessity. From managing your entire bill book, to keeping your financial records in prime condition for tax season, the advantages of using billing software are many! We will explore some important features of the billing system that can help you manage your subscription billings better!

Let’s dive right in.

1. Customized Billing
How many times has a new invoice format baffled you? If you intend to offer customized subscriptions or add-ons on subscriptions, you need dynamic billing. A billing software comes in handy to create customized bills for different subscriptions sets for each client. And it gives you the ability to edit formats to add various elements specific to a client or your industry in a jiffy. And no matter what stage of billing you are in, you can go back and make changes within seconds. Moreover, you can create your own standardized format by using a billing software. You can include your business’ branding and preferred colour scheme to create professional looking invoices that impress clients. From adding a logo to adding payment channels, a billing software has you covered on all fronts.

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2. Efficient, Faster Billing
One of the most important billing software advantages is how quick they are. You never have to worry about billing if you have software installed. Say you bag a client today, and they require you to send them daily invoices despite having gotten a monthly subscription. But unfortunately, your bookkeeper is not available today! Nothing to worry though, as any manager or in fact any team member can easily use a billing software to create professional looking invoices in seconds. Billing software offers an intuitive interface that is easy to understand for anybody.

If you are sending out the same invoices every week or month to subscribers, then you have the opportunity to automate. Recurring subscription invoices can be sent automatically using a billing software. All you need to do is mark an invoice as recurring, and the software does the rest.

3. Safe and Secure
Businesses go to extreme lengths trying to secure their data files not just from outside attacks, but even within their own office boundaries. Endless paper documentations require endless security measures. A billing software safely stores all your data on a secure server. Most software solutions use the cloud to save data, and this data is easily accessible to you wherever you are. A billing software lets you set up access control, and password protect your files. And for any number of documents, there is always a primary backup. In case you lose your files to a system crash, or a failure, no need to worry. Your financial history is backed up on a secure server in case of any such accidents.

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4. Payment Gateway
Once you start expanding, you need a system designed for scalability. When it comes to billing, you can’t afford to have any setbacks, let alone setbacks for payment channels. When you set up a customer billing system, it should give you the ability to take clients from all over the world, regardless of their mode of payment, right? Correct. That is why the perfect billing software lets you create multiple channels of payments that cater to each one of your clients. Not only does it give you the ability to accept payments from around the globe, but it also lets you plug payment channels within the invoice to give your clients a subtle push towards quick payments.

From setting up payment channels to completely automating invoicing, the features of a billing system are many. So, get the ideal billing software for your subscription-based business and manage invoices without breaking a sweat!

7 Awesome Things You Can do With Online Billing Software


If you think online billing software is just your average crunch the number type software, err, you are mistaken. Billing software for business not only saves your time in managing bills but also helps you in invoicing and accounting. Online billing software is much more than just invoice template generators and payment channels. Here are seven awesome things you can do with online billing software:

1. Automate Invoicing for Recurring Payments
Unlike any other billing system, billing software for business takes the most basic task in finance management—invoicing—and automates it. If your business generates invoices daily and the process is managed manually, then you must consider switching to online billing software as it can streamline the process making it more efficient and cost-effective. By using software, you can set up automated invoices for all your recurring invoices. Online billing software will automatically input the required information to a set pattern of invoices and send it across to your client.

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2. Get Quotes Approved and Generate Invoices
Online billing software for business allows users to create invoices with quotes. Despite looking like invoices, these receipts are used to share the quote for a task with clients. Under the quoted amount, there is a button to approve or disapprove the quote. However, once the client verifies the receipt and approves the quote, the receipt is converted into an invoice with the approved quote. It requires no additional work and takes a few seconds to create. In case the quote is unapproved or disapproved, the client can negotiate the price with you which can be then edited straight away on the same receipt. Billing software for retail shop often contain means of correcting or updating quotes even after the invoice has been sent.

3. Suits a Wide Range of Payment Channels
Online billing solutions offer businesses an advantage over all other types of billing methods. Online billing systems allow the user to add a payment channel to the invoice. The payment channel can be used to make payments through credit cards, debit cards and online wallets, thus making it easier for the clients to pay directly without having to configure payment methods at their end.

4. Create Invoices on Your Phone
Most online billing software comes with a mobile application with access control and thorough verification. Users or employees of a business can access relevant data by signing up and getting verified through the mobile application. Once logged in, the users can access almost all features that are available on the desktop version. From instantly creating new invoices to editing previous ones, everything can be done on the phone by using billing software for business.

5. Set Up Automatic Payment Reminders
Ensure you receive payments from your clients on time by sending them timely reminders when needed. One of the biggest advantages of using the best online billing software is the ability to set up automatic payment reminders for your clients.

6. Integrate Online Billing Software with Accounting Software
Online billing software and accounting software together creates an efficient financial management system. By using them together, you can make sure that every new invoice is automatically added to the books and every new payment gets updated. By integrating the two software, you can have a smooth and stress-free tax season too.

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7.Get Updates for Each Invoice
Are you wondering if an invoice was cleared on time or not? Worry not. Online billing software, when linked with your bank account, gives you constant updates regarding each invoice automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Migrate all your billing and invoice processing systems to online billing software and shift your focus on growing your business. Online billing software will not only take the burden of managing bills and invoices off your shoulders but will ensure a more efficient, accurate and time-saving process.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Agency Billing Software


Billing is one of the most critical aspects of any business. And, also the one that is often taken for granted. A business bears the brunt of it later when basic transactions start requiring excessive manual labour. Billing software can take the billing process from human hands and make it the responsibility of an error-free, standalone and power-packed machine.

Free billing software can reform your business operations inside out. Here are six reasons why you must invest in a digital agency billing software:

1. Send Professional-looking Invoices in Minutes
A hustling small businessman knows what it takes to create an invoice that is policy compliant, has all the necessary and relevant information and still looks good. It takes a lot unless you use billing software for small business.

Billing software helps you to create good–looking and policy-compliant invoices in minutes. The entire interface is intuitive to facilitate effective and quick action.

2. Ability to Automate Recurring Payments
Most small businesses have some recurring payments which need little to no modification at all. The best billing software for small business transforms into recurring billing software for such clients. Not only does recurring billing software take the necessary information for each billing cycle automatically, but also sends out a verified invoice to the recipient. Further, it keeps track of the payment and sets up auto-reminders, making it an unavoidable addition to business workflow automation.

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3. Error-free Billing without Human Intervention
Billing is subject to errors much like any business operation. There are no two ways about it. But, when errors happen during billing and invoicing, it hurts a lot more. Not only does it cost a lot, but it also gives the businesses a bad reputation.

There is no room for errors with free billing software. The bills generated using it are double-checked and verified. You can further set up a screening process to ensure that you put your money where your numbers are.

4. Thorough Security
Most free billing software use a secure cloud-based database to store all the information. Needless to say, billing software deals with a lot of sensitive information. Bank details, money trails, client information, tax details and so much more. Businesses put a lot of effort into protecting this information when employees are dealing with it. With billing software, secure handling of the information comes with the package. All information is stored on secure servers and most billing software enable users with options for access control.

5. Save Time and Money
By using a digital agency billing software, you put all your information on one desk. Consider this, if one person handles everything to do with finance then when you want to know something you can just ask that person and get a quick answer. Now, that is what billing software does for you.

Billing software maintains a comprehensive record of cash flow and bills that have gone unpaid. For this, you can set up automatic reminders and engage with your clients automatically. And, since, billing software is at your disposal 24×7 and can be accessed through multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile app etc. you can process new payments whenever and from wherever you want.

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6. Go Global
How many times have you refused projects from foreign clients because you did not have appropriate payments channels? Billing software allows you to set up payment channels to accept payments from across the world with due policy compliance.

Billing software is a must-have tool for a small business. Not only does it save time and money but is also a great partner for growth.