Looking to the Future: Preparing Your Business For Success or Failure

According to statistics gathered by the US Small Business Administration, only about half of all small businesses survive past the five-year mark, while just about one-third will make it to their 10th anniversary. Those who fall behind can fail for a number of different reasons, but in many cases, a simple lack of preparation is to blame. With the right planning, funding, and flexibility, your business can beat the odds and be one of those that succeed in the long run. So, in this article, we’ll go through how you can financially prepare your business for sustaining success or ably continue reading →

5 Benefits of CRM Platforms for Realtors and Agents

Before we understand the concept of and need for Realtor CRM, let us understand CRM in general. In the world of marketing, communication is the key element that drives engagement and helps you build reach. A key element in the marketing and communications gamut would include a CRM system that has been created for the following reasons: To store data in one place To manage all information and data pertaining to customer interactions To generate and nurture leads To create a software that is data driven To manage sales and other workflow processes through the software To help in sales continue reading →

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Cloud Accounting

Easy accessibility, sharable features, and secure storage are the keywords of a steadfast operational infrastructure in any business. Cloud Accounting software became an instant hit and the choice of thousands of global firms just after its inception. Apart from these features, cloud storage ensures, you can enjoy easy migration facilities in the future. Well, traditional storage systems are on the decline, as cloud accounting software brings you a multiplicity of features. If you are still managing your storage system with the old and cost-intensive devices, it’s time to incorporate the change. Following are the ten key benefits of shifting to continue reading →

Why Market Segmentation Matters: Designing Marketing Campaigns

01.17.2020 · Posted in Business tips

Marketing is incredibly important when it comes to your business. When you market your business properly, then this will really help it to be as successful as possible. However, the trouble with marketing is that it isn’t always easy to get right. Especially when it comes to putting together a marketing campaign. To help you to make sure that your marketing campaign is everything that you need it to be, let’ take a closer look. he biggest mi stakes in designing marketing campaign There are a variety of mistakes that you can make when you are putting together a marketing continue reading →

Increase the Internet Speed in the Office with These Tips

11.15.2019 · Posted in Freelancing & small business

Your office runs on the internet. Without it, you aren’t going to get very much done. That’s why having a fast internet connection is essential. Unfortunately, internet connections aren’t all they are cracked up to be. If things are a little slow, the fastest way to boost your speed is to pay your internet provider for a faster connection, but why do it that way when there are many other ways you can boost your speed that don’t require you to pay a higher monthly utility bill? Before you rethink your internet service, try these tips to speed up your continue reading →

Small Business Tech—8 Tips for Working More Efficiently

Whether you’re looking to create a more productive workforce or better connect with your customers, technology helps small business teams accomplish more with fewer resources and personnel. In many ways, today’s technology is the great equalizer—never before have SMB leaders had access to so many tools and applications that can help them outperform their more sizeable competition. With so many tools and resources available, it can be difficult to determine which tech opportunities will help your small business the most. That’s why we’ve shared a few insights for small businesses looking to update their tech usage in order to work continue reading →

How to unlock web content. Quick VPN guide

Nowadays, we hear lots of buzz around these three simple letters – VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and this app (usually its an app) can be a real lifesaver in some of the situations. We’ll try to quickly guide you on how VPN works, what it can do and if you should get yourself one. What is a VPN? Virtual Private Networks are physical or virtual servers that allow you to browse the internet safely and, more importantly, privately. VPN’s simply route your traffic to another server and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or government are not able continue reading →

Online Business for Students: Your Winning Instruction to Build It from Scratch

10.17.2019 · Posted in Freelancing & small business

Have you ever thought it would be awesome to start your own business and make big money? Many people get this thought, but what holds the majority from transforming their ideas into action? There are plenty of reasons – fear, lack of motivation, time, etc. However, is starting a business as a student that hard? Hopefully, our article will change your mind! The 21st century and the development of technology have started a brand new era in the sphere of business. Today, on the Internet, we have plenty of earning opportunities and even more opportunities for implementing our ideas. It continue reading →

CRM Marketing Automation for Small Businesses- Step by Step Guide.

09.30.2019 · Posted in Business tips

Along with the growing popularity of social media and online blogging, content creation became as easy as winking. Everyone can become a blogger, influencer or any kind of content creator. Because of easy accessibility, the digital world has gotten jam-packed with content of different kinds. The abundance of all sorts of information affected small businesses’ digital and mobile marketing strategies both positively and negatively. On the one hand, now it is easier and cheaper to promote products on the internet, ensuring that the marketing message reaches a broad audience. On the other hand, people receive tons of different messages on continue reading →

Know how Past Due Invoices can help Tackle Late Payments

08.08.2019 · Posted in Accounting, Business tips

SMBs bear the brunt of late payments, which hit hard on the underpinning functionalities and success of organizations. As facts are best told in numbers, here is a survey conducted by Marketvoice on every aspect of invoices for small businesses. The results of this survey are based on data collected from over 80,000 invoices issued to different companies in nearly 90 countries. The key facts derived from this data are: 62% of invoices are paid late 1/3rd of the invoices are paid more than two weeks late Find below an image that shows the amount of delayed payments made to continue reading →