8 Reasons to Start Using Online Invoicing Software


What would you say if I told you that invoicing could be one of the easiest and seamless processes ever? Yes! You read it right. With online invoicing software, you can make invoicing a woe and anxiety-free process. It is not easy to keep small businesses running smoothly when invoicing itself consumes a major chunk of time and manual resources. That is why the best online invoicing software aims to simplify invoicing for small business, among other things. Not sure yet? Here’s our list of the most compelling reasons to start using online invoicing software now:

1. Make invoicing completely paper-free
Globally, most companies—big and small—are working towards a sustainable future that includes a paper-free environment. Start today and you will not only be doing your bit for the environment but will also be cutting down a significant expense on office stationery. With free online invoicing software, you can save the money spent on paper invoices and completely shift to an e-invoicing system.

Besides, paper invoices and financial documents need to be stored, filed, archived and indexed physically, which requires time and manual effort. Instead, you can use online files that can be found in the system network within seconds by using online invoicing software. They are also secure and accessible from pretty much anywhere.

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2. Create custom invoices for small businesses
Online invoicing software allows you to create custom invoices for all business needs. Creating a recipe for success for a small business is not easy and when you are overworked dealing with client’s invoice requests, focusing on business growth can get difficult. But, with a simple online invoicing software, you can create custom-made, professional-looking invoices in a matter of minutes. From format adjustments to adding branding elements to addressing client requests, invoice software for small business can do it all.

3. Ensure error-free invoicing
The one thing that causes major trouble in bookkeeping is administrative errors. However, such issues can be made a matter of past by switching to the right online invoicing software. It not only computes on point but also cross-checks customer information and blank spaces. Plus, you need not re-enter information every time you create an invoice. Just enter the information once and save it for future use, making it easier to track and fix any discrepancy in information.

4. Alerts and reminders
With online invoicing software, you can set up payment reminders for your clients and update reminders for yourself. This can include any delay reminders or alerts for upcoming invoices.

5. Online invoicing software offers thorough automation
Generating the same invoice for a client time and again is known as a recurring invoice. It can be thoroughly automated using online invoicing software, thus reducing the manual effort that goes behind it every time it is produced. All you need to do is enter the basic details of the client and cost of the service or goods exchanged and set up the software to generate fresh invoices periodically and send them to the concerned party.

6. Convert quotes into invoices
Online invoicing software allows users to create quote invoices. Say, you want to get some quote approved by your clients, you can share it in the same format as an invoice using the free online invoicing software. Once the quote is approved by the client, it gets immediately converted into a workable, professional invoice.

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7. Multiple payment channels right on the invoice
There is a way to make payments easy for your clients. By setting up multiple payment channels directly on the invoice, you can ensure your clients pay up quickly and conveniently. Using online invoicing software, you can plug any number of payment channels directly on the invoice without any hassles or extra efforts.

8. Generate invoices anytime, from anywhere and on any device
Whether it is the work desktop or your smartphone, online invoicing software are accessible on any device connected to the internet. You just have to log in using your username and password and you can access the information on the database. You can even create and share invoices on the go.