5 Common Questions About Online Invoice Software Answered

questions about online invoice software

Online invoicing software makes it easier to manage sales, create invoices, receive and keep track of payments among other things. Here we have answered the five most commonly asked questions.

In this day and age, online invoice software is essential for the smooth functioning of a business. The software acts as your bookkeeper, budget handler, expense tracker, and most importantly as an accurate analyst. An online invoicing software can keep business processes systematic. You will be able to send and create invoices without errors while keeping track of the financial information.

Many people are still not satisfied and have questions about online invoicing software. Here we have answered the five most commonly asked questions.

Is an Online Invoicing Software same as an Invoice Template?
The answer is – No. An online invoicing software is a platform that lets you make invoices at your whims and fancies. Inside an online invoicing software, you will find many invoice templates. But that doesn’t mean an online invoice software is just a file of invoice templates. An online invoicing software lets you edit, schedule, and build invoices from the scratch. The invoice template in the traditional sense is just a spreadsheet document with some columns marked on it, depending on your business. An online invoicing software is a platform that includes not just the template, but the transaction database and the various tools.

Is Online Invoicing Automated?
Yes! Online invoicing is a seamless and automated experience for all things related to accounting. With an online invoice software, you can schedule various invoices on multiple dates at once. You can directly link your bank account with the online invoicing software to automatically generate invoices. You can even link your client’s bank account through an invoicing software to get timely payments. Setting up an online invoicing software allows you to automatically generate recurring invoices for your clients. The software also allow users to set reminders for payment.

Are Invoice Details Safe Online?
Most online invoicing software use state-of-the-art security services to maintain and protect their data. With a cloud based invoicing software, users can also create multiple backups of their entire transactional history. Online invoicing software use various security models like SSL protection and secure servers to protect sensitive information. An online invoicing software allows you to control access of invoices, and lets you track that access. This means you can limit or revoke access for subordinates.

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Can Invoicing be Customized?
Of course, online invoicing is all about customization. You can even customize the payment options. Online invoicing software come with tools that allow you to personalize each invoice for your client’s needs. With an online invoicing software, you can set up multiple invoices in sync with the client’s invoices and bookkeeping. You can even generate sample invoices for client’s approval and add estimates and quotes and later convert them into serialized invoices. Generating invoices online is not only easy, but fun!

Online Invoicing is Too Expensive?
There are a numerous free online invoicing software available today. So, the answer is no. Online invoicing is the cheapest method to manage your company’s bookkeeping. In fact, it makes so many aspects of doing business easy, that the equivalent manual labor could cost you five times the monthly subscription of an average online invoicing software.