Top Reasons for Freelancers to Choose Invoicing Software Over Excel or Word

choose invoicing software over Excel or Word

Unlike those who are associated with one employer or a single client, freelancers have to manage many accounts with multiple clients for work done for different periods of time. These can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly accounts. These accounts are crucial in assessing how much work is done and calculating remuneration for the same. Two of the most popular platforms for such bookkeeping are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. However, neither is solely meant for invoicing purpose.

Invoicing is much more than the invoice template Excel offers. Even the free printable invoice template Microsoft Word has does not get the task done. Templates are only the first step in the invoicing process. Even if you procure a basic invoice template free of cost, you will still be spending a lot of time and effort in creating the invoice. Generating invoices using Word or Excel templates require great attention to detail, a knack for numbers, skill to work with the software and most importantly, a great deal of time.

Usually known as smart workers, why should freelancers not make the best of the smart invoicing software available online. Some of the best free invoicing software for freelancers can help them save time and money. Invoicing software is gradually picking up pace among professional freelancers working across sectors and industries. Here’s why:

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1. Efficient and easy to use
The struggle with Word and Excel is real. And, if your field of work does not need you to use them, then the effort to get trained in using them can be herculean. However, if the purpose is to manage invoices better, then relying on dedicated software makes more sense. To use online invoice software, you just need to get a hang of basic online tools. Online invoice software offers an intuitive interface and a robust platform that can be used by anybody. Since these are created for work burden and time reduction, it ensures ease of use. Completely free from any administrative errors, free invoicing software offers freelancers an easy-to-use platform that creates professional-looking invoices in seconds. From quotes to customised themes to payment channels, invoices generated using online invoice software has them all.

2. Includes automation
How many freelancers today invest in a standalone accountant to create invoices without any queries or interference? Probably, few. And, how much would such an accountant cost per hour? Surely, a lot. With invoicing software, you can automate invoicing in a few simple steps. How many recurring invoices are you creating in a month or a week? You can simply hand these over to your online invoice software and it will take care of it from start to end. Most freelancers tend to work with their clients more than once, especially if their services involve multiple assignments. In such situations, some clients may even request recurring invoices. You can save your precious time and efforts by outsourcing this job to online invoice software which will not only create recurring invoices automatically for clients but will also send them to the designated parties. Plus, it will follow up on the payment schedules and send payment reminders in the case of a delay; all this while keeping you updated.

3. Easy access and secure
Online invoice software generally uses a cloud-based database to store the data. It means the data and software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and on any internet-connected mobile device such as a smartphone, tab or laptop. Further, online invoice software offers multi-platform applications allowing users to create invoices on the go. Unlike the Word and Excel sheets, online invoice software stores data on a secure server and can be accessed only by authorised users.

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4: Offers customisation
Customising an invoice template in Excel takes a lot of time. If you want to tweak the design and incorporate branding elements, it might take even more time. However, that is not the case with online invoice software as it skips all the fuss and goes straight to customisation regardless of what template you use. Even a free invoicing software offers a basic invoice template free. But with invoicing software, this template is customisable. You can pick and choose the colour scheme you like and add your branding elements and logo the way you want. Most importantly, it allows you to create policy-compliant invoices by tweaking the format.

The need to generate accurate and professional-looking invoices is not limited to businesses and companies but is just as important for individuals and freelancers who wish to compete with the best in the industry. Be smart and switch to online invoice software so that you can shift your efforts from carrying out administrative tasks to establishing your brand and growing as a freelancer.