An Introduction to Brand Building Through Social Media

Social media runs the world. And as a business owner, you can’t ignore this fact. If you want to build a strong brand, you should do it using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to hold a degree in digital marketing to develop a strategy that will work for your business. In this article, we will explain what steps you should take to build your brand and to retain high profits in the long run.

Step #1 – Analyze your current situation
If you want to develop an effective brand strategy, you should analyze different aspects of your business first. You should conduct research to find out whether your brand and your products are a good fit for social media. To do that, answer the following questions:
Are the products related to your niche represented on social media?
Do your closest competitors market their products on social media? Which platforms do they use the most?
After that, you should research your target audience and find the answers to a few more questions:
Do your customers use social media? Which platforms are their favorites?
How much time do your customers spend on each platform every day?
At what specific time of the day do your buyers use social media more actively?
What types of content related to your products (e.g., how-to videos, behind-the-scenes photos) engage the audience the most?
Once you collected all data necessary, you can decide what social media platforms to use, what type of content to create, and at what time of the day to publish new posts.

Step #2 – Create business profiles
The next step you should take is to create catchy business profiles. Here is a short guide for you.
Use your brand logo as a profile picture across all social media platforms. It will help you to create a consistent visual brand identity and make your brand logo recognizable.
Write an intriguing bio. Your bio may contain the motto of your brand, as well as the mission and vision of your company. Besides, bio may include a description of your products and shipment information. If you find it challenging to describe your brand, use may use writing services like Studious and GrabMyEssay or hire freelance writers via Upwork.
Come up with a unique branded hashtag and put it in the bio. Encourage your customers to use your hashtag and spread the word about your brand on social media.
Add essential contact information. Make it clear for social media users where and how they can buy your products.

Step #3 – Consider social media segmentation
In some cases, it’s not enough to have one business profile on a chosen social media. If you target a few specific groups of buyers, you have to walk the extra mile – segment your target audience and create two or more accounts.
Let’s say you sell two different groups of goods: men’s clothing and home decor items. To appeal to each specific group of buyers, you should create two separate Instagram profiles. In the first account, you will share men’s fashion tips. In the second account, you will publish interior design ideas.

Do you want to build an international brand? Then you should understand that your social media posts must be accessible not for native English speakers only.
For example, if most of your customers come from Japan and China, you should create two additional social media profiles specifically for these regions. Your content must be written in local languages, and it must resonate with the local audience.

Step #4 – Create content that adds value to your target audience
Now let’s talk about the quality of social media content.
If you want to build a strong brand, you should publish engaging, relevant, and useful posts on a regular basis. You should tell your followers more about your company, your key employees and founders. And also, you should discuss the values and principles your brand promotes.
“Brand building is not about using intrusive marketing to get short-term success. It’s about gaining trust and making lasting customer relationships in order to achieve long-term success,” explains Hilary Burns, a social media writer at SupremeDissertations.
It means you shouldn’t publish too many posts that market your products. Instead, you should share posts that provide valuable information to your customers.

Step #5 – Maintain brand consistency across all channels
To achieve the best results in brand building, you should keep the language and tone of voice consistent across all social media platforms. So before you start working on content production, you should decide what style and tone of voice you will use to engage your audience and present your brand in the most favorable light
Your tone of voice can be professional, educational, serious, friendly, conversational, entertaining, flirty, or even sassy. Your language can be simple and informal or industry-specific and formal. Besides, you should decide whether you will or will not use slang, internet acronyms, professional and scientific terms, and shortenings.
If it sounds like a tricky task for you, feel free to get professional assistance. You may hire freelance branding specialists at platforms like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. Or, you may use brand writing services like WritingJudge and BestEssayEducation.

Step #6 – Interact with your customers on social media
The great news is that modern customers do like to interact with brands on social media. So once you create business accounts on social media apps, be ready to monitor the comments and direct messages.

For building a successful brand, you should answer all the messages, whether they are positive or negative ones. You should say “thank you” to your happy customers for choosing your products. And you should say “sorry” to your unsatisfied customers and try to fix the situation.

Wrapping up
Today, you have all the tools necessary to build a strong brand through social media. So nothing can hold you back from developing an effective branding strategy and bring it to life. Use this article as a guide, and you will avoid the mistakes that your competitors tend to make.

Dance with the Dunes in Dubai

If there is one thing that locals, residents, and tourists swear by in Dubai, then it is the desert safari. The desert is an important part of the city’s history; it is here where the Arabs first lived before they moved to the city. While you would hardly find any tribes living in the desert, the Arabs have not forgotten the dessert entirely. You can still experience the vast and mysterious desert with the desert safari. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the desert, the desert safari gives you the chance to have some adrenaline-rushing moments and a whole lot of fun too.

Desert Safari: Types
The first thing you need to consider the type of desert safari you want to go for. Dubai offers morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari. The morning desert safari involves only adventure activities, while the evening desert safari gives you the opportunity to indulge in both adventure and entertainment. Moreover, the overnight desert safari is an extension of the evening desert safari and gives you the chance to spend a night in the desert. Check out all the options and choose one that matches your requirements and interests.
What Happens at the Desert Safari?
As the evening desert safari is the most popular, we would talk about it in detail here.

Reaching the Desert
Most tour companies include transportation in the Dubai desert safari tours. A 4×4 vehicle would arrive at your residence or hotel to pick you up. After a 45 minutes drive, you would reach the outskirts of the city, where you would be able to treat your eyes to the endless desert areas.
Dune Bashing
Once you reach the desert, your driver would take a break to release some pressure from the tires of the vehicle. Then begins the most adventurous activity of the desert safari: dune bashing. Buckle up your seatbelts and hold onto your seats for a ride that is nothing less than a rollercoaster. While the desert safari is everyone, little children, pregnant women and people with heart ailments should avoid dune bashing.

At the Desert Camp
After your dune bashing session, you would be driven to the desert camp, where more fun activities await you. You would be welcomed with some drinks and refreshments. Stroll around the camp to check out some interesting activities like henna painting, holding a falcon on your arm and even dressing up in Arabic traditional dress.
Adventure Activities
Dune bashing is not the only adventurous thing that happens during the desert safari. On the other hand, there are several more exciting activities happening at the desert camp. Here, you get to ride a camel, try your balance with sandboarding and enjoy a fun ride on the quad bike. Some desert camps also offer a buggy ride on the dunes.

Gorgeous Sunset
While the activities at the desert are fun, do not miss one of the best things of the desert, i.e. the sunset. The setting sun disperses a golden hue on the sand dunes, giving it a gorgeous look. This is the perfect time to get some amazing photos clicked.

Dancing and Fun
As the sun sets and it gets dark, the desert camp comes alive with some wonderful performances. You would get to watch professional dancers dancing to the tunes of some striking Arabic music. You would get to see Tanoura dancing and belly dancing performances at the desert camp. Do not forget to try smoking a shisha or hookah while enjoying the dance performances.

BBQ Dinner
One of the highlights of a desert safari is undoubtedly the BBQ dinner. The buffet dinner includes the choicest dishes of both local and international cuisines. It has equal amounts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that people with both food preferences can enjoy dinner at the desert.
After the desert, you would be taken back to your hotel or residence in the same SUV that you came in. There is no dune bashing at the end of the tour.

Tips for Desert Safari in Dubai
Wear comfortable cotton clothes for your desert safari.
Do not forget to wear your sunglasses and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
Carry a jacket or stole, as it tends to get chillier in the desert after sunset.
It is best to wear open shoes or flipflops, as it is easier to clean if sand goes in.
Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Dubai desert safari is available at various budgets, starting from the most basic ones to the most lavish ones. You can choose ones as per your budget and other requirements.

10 tips for growing your business

When it comes to growing your business, there are about a million different things that you could do, but let’s break it down to 10 simple tips that you can follow to grow your business from the ground up.

Develop a mission that you and your team can stand behind. It’s important to have this as part of your company’s DNA or your brand’s DNA that you can build on. It’s really foundational to your company to have a mission you can stand behind. At CloudBooks, for example, we have a mission of helping small businesses grow. Very simple, but that’s our mission, and we know that by doing that, we feel like we make the world a better place because businesses can hire people, they can help improve their communities, they can donate to local charities and all these things because they’re doing well as a business and they’re growing. So that’s our core mission. What’s yours?

Invest in marketing. That is so crucial. Bill Gates once said that if you had $10,000 to start a business, you should invest $9,000 in marketing, and that’s so true because you could have the greatest product or service in the whole world, but if nobody hears about it, then you’re not going to do very well, you’re not going to grow your business. So it’s important to invest in marketing to develop a marketing budget that you can start with and then plan on growing that budget as you grow the revenue of your company. The Harvard Business School says you should invest anywhere from 7% and 15% of your revenue back into marketing to propel future growth.

That tip has been very successful throughout the years. We’ve seen that be successful with countless small businesses, so make sure that you’re investing in marketing. And then when you’re marketing, make sure that you cover all areas, make sure you’re multichannel, which would be to dominate search for your best keywords, social for your best demographics, local for the maps and local listings and reputation. If you do well in those areas, you’re going to grow your brand from a marketing perspective.

Passionate about sales. There’s this saying in sport that winning is the best deodorant because it covers up the stinky spots. Well, that’s sales for a business. If you’re doing well with sales, it really covers up a lot of weak patches for you. It pushes you through and helps you continually grow. But if your sales aren’t doing well, even if you have everything locked in solid on the backend, you’re not going to see that growth. So make sure that you’re working on sales. Focus on sales. Have people that are passionate about sales leading your sales team. Measure things like opening ratio, what percentage of the leads are you opening and turning into sales and always work to optimize and improve upon that. If you have a culture that’s passionate about sales, you have a culture that’s passionate about the growth and really taking advantage of your marketing most effectively to have the highest return on investment and making sure that you as a brand can achieve your mission.

Growing your business is to have scalable and repeatable processes. Processes are so crucial. That’s one thing we’ve known throughout the years is that we have to have processes and those processes have to constantly be optimized as you grow. What works with 10 people won’t necessarily work with 20, what works with 20 won’t work with 100. So as you grow your brand, grow your company, make sure that you’re constantly fine-tuning and optimizing your processes, make sure that you have processes, they’re documented processes, and you can measure to those processes. If you don’t have a standardized process, you don’t have a process at all, which means you’re free for all. So to have a scalable company that’s just as efficient when you have 100 people as when you had 10, you have to really focus on repeatable and scalable processes.

Hire people that have the culture fit that you’re looking for, not the experience fit that you’re looking for. Culture alignment is so much more powerful than experience because if you have standardized processes, you can train people on those processes. They don’t necessarily have to have previous experience. It might take them a little bit longer to ramp up, but ultimately, you’ll end up with a better person if they fit your culture and they align with your mission over the experience that you might be looking for in the door.

Measure the performance of people, but also to measure their attitude and their effort. It’s not always about performance. If you have somebody that’s not performing that well but they have a great attitude and they put forth great effort, their performance will probably get there if you give them some time and give them some coaching. So it’d be long-suffering in that situation. At the same time though, if you have somebody that’s performing very well but they’re struggling with regards to their attitude or their effort, this is probably not somebody that’s going to be a positive influence on your company and on your brand and on your culture, so you may want to consider replacing them if they’re not going to improve in those areas. So make sure that you measure people based on attitude, effort, performance. Try to have A/B players in all three of those buckets across the board and you’re going to be successful.

Listen to feedback from your team and also your customers and make adjustments accordingly. We do something here as a company which is called the 410, which is we close at 4:00, so we say from 4:00 to 4:10, at the beginning of every month, submit a 410 survey, which is just a very short online form that basically allows people to submit shout outs for their teammates, build some positive reinforcement there, submit training tips and recommendations for process improvement that they might have and also submit other ideas for maybe products that we should introduce, additional services that we could offer. This is a great way to capture feedback once a month from your internal team, which speaks on behalf of your customers as well, so it’s almost like killing two birds with one stone. You get the feedback from your team on behalf of your customers so that you can make adjustments as needed, as you grow to offer new products, generate more revenue, increase and improve upon processes that you’ve laid in over the years. So listen to this feedback.

Also, read online reviews from your customers, reply to those reviews, you capture feedback there, and you can also do customer surveys maybe biannually or annually to capture feedback. The key is capturing feedback and then actually doing something with it, taking action so that you can improve.

Hold an all-hands meeting with your team once a week and at minimum, once a month. At this all-hands meeting, everybody should be there. It can be a stand format. They don’t need to be seated. Just a short five to 10-minute meeting, and talk about transparency within your company. Where do you stand for a goal? What areas can you improve? What changes are on the horizon? Be honest with your team and be transparent with your team so that they’re on the same page. Communication is the key to growth. And if everybody’s on the same page and they know the good, the bad and the ugly, they’re going to be aligned with the mission and the goals moving forward as a brand. This is going to help you grow tremendously, so take advantage of this and don’t be afraid to do it.

Constantly building future leaders for your company. As you grow as a company, leadership is going to be essential to your success. You can’t possibly be the leader forever as a business owner, so you need to continually build additional leaders. And you’re going to lose people for all kinds of reasons. It could have a family that could move out of town, they could find another opportunity, and so don’t let that beat you up. If you’re constantly building and harvesting future leaders, they’re going to step right in and you’re going to be successful as a brand. So work on leadership development, communication, and coaching of your entire team, not just your leadership team, so that you’re continually building future leaders for your company.

Remember, nothing’s as good as it seems and nothing’s as bad as it seems, but somewhere in the middle lies reality. So never get too excited or never get too down. Always stay kind of even keel there. Stay cool, stay calm, and just keep working hard towards your mission. Keep making adjustments and improving along the way. Growing looks like this, right? It’s not a straight line. So just stay level set and that will help your team stay that way as well so they don’t panic in bad situations or get too overly confident in good situations. Just stay the line, stay the course, and eventually, if you stay at it long enough, you’re going to be successful. You’re going to grow your business.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, these 10 tips on growing your business are helpful to you. If you have additional tips, please leave a comment with those power tips so our community can see those as well.