Quote Software: The 21st Century is About Automation

Quote Software: The 21st Century is About Automation:

Our CloudBooks app has proven a key resource for so many companies and contractors who are trying to bring themselves into the 21st Century. Many companies still rely on pen and paper or one-off efforts to produce the innumerable invoices, time-sheets, payment and expense reports, and quotes which their businesses require to get and track jobs and make sure the company has been properly paid. Simply put, in the digital era the duplication of such efforts time and time again is an absolute waste of productive work time.

Take CloudBooks’ quote software, for example. Our app allows our users to create professional looking estimates in seconds and practically effortlessly.

Our software allows you to insert a client’s information by choosing them from an easy drop-down menu which will automatically populate the form with information such as their name and address; if a new client needs to be added, the form to do so is merely a click away. If the client is in a foreign country, you can also choose the currency you will be quoting them in via another drop-down menu.

Similarly, when it comes time to create a detailed list of the different estimated tasks, their costs, and any associated expenses you might expect to incur, CloudBooks is ready to make it easy: all previous entries are available from a drop-down menu so that you do not have to waste time looking up how much you charge for particular services or how much particular materials cost.

Once your estimates have been sent to your clients, however, it is important to be able to keep track of them — especially since many businesses send out numerous estimates each and every day. With CloudBooks there is no more shuffling around paper and hoping that you find the duplicate copy which you saved: not only is each estimate given its own tracking number, but even the status of each estimate is recorded so that you know if it has been sent or if it remains only a draft. Other sorting options that can aid in the rapid analysis of your estimates include the name of the clients’ companies, the date on which the estimate was created or sent, its value, and even what subject the estimate refers to (for businesses involved in multiple sectors or verticals). Even months and months later, you can find precisely what you quoted your client for.

Best of all, CloudBooks will can automatically include your company’s logo on the top of every quote for a professional touch, increasing the trust factor between you and your potential clients.

This is just one feature of our full CloudBooks app, but it is surely clear just how much time this can save when compared to a traditional pen and paper, filing-cabinet based system. That any business is wasting the time of its most valuable employees in the 21st Century by forcing them to shuffle paper and dig through old files just to glean one or two needed bits of information is an absolute travesty. When we set out to build CloudBooks it was precisely to help everyone — businesses big and small — make the most out of digital technologies so that they can stop messing around with administrative tasks and get back to their important work at hand.

If you would like to learn more about the other features of the CloudBooks app, including online invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, and custom company reports generation, please look at the tour page of our website. You are also welcome to contact us to learn more about just how much time and effort CloudBooks can save your company when it brings your business up to speed with the most current of technologies.

What to Look for in Billing Software for Your Company

Achieving a healthy cash flow can be the determining factor that can make or break a business. Billing software helps business owners quickly submit invoices to clients and customers, and enables them to see faster returns that can help promote a positive cash flow. The company that invests in efficient billing software can experience greater overall efficiency and see better results faster.

Selecting the right billing software has the potential to affect greater accuracy in billing the exact hours spent working on specific projects. It is important to choose a software that can indicate where and how one spends his or her time, and demonstrates efficiency in monetizing this time.

It can be difficult to track the expenses that are incurred while working on projects for clients. It is not uncommon for a portion of these expenses to fall through the cracks when the time comes to invoice clients, or to be billed incorrectly to the wrong clients. The best billing software will help companies track project expenses in real-time and make certain those expenses are not passed on to the wrong clients.

Companies that utilize subscription services can run into difficulties when attempting to implement electronic billing and invoicing. These tasks can require a higher level of administration than other types of billing services. Therefore, for these companies, it is important to find billing software that supports the specific types of services that are billed on a recurring, scheduled basis. A software that also supports discounts, free trials, renewals, refunds and one-off transactions is also a good choice.

Small billing errors can lead to sizeable problems later on. The best billing software will be able to easily put together costs and quotes automatically, and will also be able to generate invoices from the data retrieved. This function will reduce or eliminate the need for a middle person to produce quotes, which, in turn, reduces chances for costly human error. Paying special attention to this component when considering the purchase of billing software can save valuable time, which saves money for the business.

Larger companies often have complex, disconnected billing systems. By connecting these systems into one easily accessible, cohesive system, administration and individual processes can be reduced significantly. Depending on the software used, this connection can help businesses save time and money all the way from the initial quote through collecting payments for services.

Business relationships are strengthened when clients have questions about the company’s billing process that can be quickly and thoroughly answered. By selecting the right billing software, the company’s billing information can be easily accessible, which enables the clients’ questions to receive fast and accurate responses. A strong feature of appropriate billing software is its ability to make customer care easier, while providing the right answers as they are needed.

Customers and clients appreciate straightforward, simple reports that are all-encompassing and that integrate all pertinent information in an easy-to-read format. On the business side of things, the right billing software enables the company to identify their most profitable clients, monitor purchasing patterns and to project cash-flows. For these purposes, it is best to select a billing software that can generate automated reports. This also serves to remove manual administrative tasks from the process, which can cut costs and improve profitability.

CloudBooks is a highly recommended billing software that generates detailed reports for every phase of the billing process from payment collection to profit & loss reports. If are are considering implementing billing software into your business practices, or are seeking new software that does a better job, please contact us to schedule and appointment for a consultation.

Expense Tracking Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

Expense Tracking helps make better business decisions:

Expense tracking with CloudBooks helps you control overheads by tracking where your business is spending money and how that money being spent. CloudBooks tracks your business expenses in real-time so you can accurately monitor and recoup expenses, while ensuring they are attributed and passed on to the correct clients.

Adding expenses when they occur allows you to keep your records updated as the work progresses without having to record and monitor each one by hand. The time saved permits you to keep working and address other business aspects while quickly streamlining operations.

Creating recurring business expenses is easily automated, leaving you free to focus on new expenses and to see exactly where your capital is being spent. With this information, you can analyze and manage your expenses better than ever before.

The CloudBooks app gives you the ability to categorize and organize your expenses in the manner which best suits your particular needs. Employing a spreadsheet style display, CloudBooks presents you with the expense information you need in a clear and uncluttered format. Quickly add or delete expenses, locate costs, clients and create invoices from your dashboard. You can even upload receipts straight into the app by simply taking a picture and attaching it to the corresponding record.

CoudBooks online software is designed with the user in mind, making it easy for anyone to effectively manage their expenses and more, including:

Time Tracking
Project Management

The intuitive, all in one design of CloudBooks is ideal for large and small businesses, as well as for professional accounting operations and freelancers. Access is never a problem with the easy web-based application, allowing you and your staff to view and update records from any location through the internet.

CloudBooks was designed in response to the need for an inclusive, user-friendly and affordable accounting solution. Without the need for the extensive and lengthy training required by other programs, you and your staff can quickly implement the software and enjoy the benefits right away.

With CloudBooks, there are no long installation processes and the software eliminates the frequent compatibility issues that plague other programs. Your records can be viewed and updated from smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as from home or businesses computers, giving you the power to handle your expenses from anywhere at anytime.

CloudBooks maintains a full knowledge base, accessible anytime online, to help you learn the software and make the most of its abilities. Step by step instructions and clearly answered questions allow you and your staff to find answers to common questions, as well as locating solutions and the instructions to implement them effectively.

From the basics to the most advanced features, the knowledge base ensures you have precise instructions on all aspects of the program. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Clients and Client Information
Your Dashboard
And More

Managing your business expenses is more than just tracking payments and costs, it is the key to making better business decisions. Empower your business with CloudBooks and you can start making better decisions today, with no risk at all. Test drive the app and try it for free, no credit card or financial information needed, to explore all of the features that CloudBooks has to offer.

Visit us online to see what our clients have to say about CloudBooks, view a sampling of our client list and check out the pricing and plans available. Join the thousands of people around the globe who use the best online expense software to do business and make the most of their time and money.

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