New Feature – Send Invoice to Multiple Contacts

Send Invoice to Multiple Contacts:

We have enabled multiple clients invoice emailing feature:

Now you can send the Invoice to the main contact and also CC to another contacts. You just need to check mark the contact you wish you send invoice. Please see below screenshot.

Add multiple contacts to invoice

Automate Invoice Payment Reminders – New Feature

Automate Invoice Payment Reminders – New Feature:

Automate Payment Reminders now Live in CloudBooks

Your CloudBooks account can automatically ping customers to remind them they owe you money and even follow up again when they’re late paying.
Hop into your Settings link in your CloudBooks account. Click on the Emails sub-navigation tab. Click Late Payment Reminders.
You can set up nagging emails to go out automatically at pre-defined times and use neat email “variables” to automatically plug things like the invoice amount or client name into the email template for you.

Play around with the options and the three different reminders you can set up. If you’re not sure how any of this works, just drop me a note Set it, forget it: get paid!

screenshot-www cloudbooksapp com 2015-09-26 10-57-30

screenshot-www cloudbooksapp com 2015-09-26 10-58-06

Track Stock/Inventory in CloudBooks

Track Stock/Inventory in CloudBooks:

A big update today. CloudBooks now offers inventory and stock tracking functionality in our invoicing solution.

Item records (both products and services are supported) contain few fields. You can enter a name, description, cost, quantity, and taxes. Enter the number you currently have in stock, and CloudBooks will reduce that number every time you include that item on an invoice. You can add more items as you purchase them. This is not true inventory-tracking, but it’s more than most of CloudBooks’ competitors offer.

Happy Invoicing :)

CloudBooks now have Chat & Messaging feature to communicate live with clients.

Cloudbooksapp Chat and Messaging Features
CloudBooks now have Chat & Messaging feature to communicate live with clients.

From the last couple of days we are working on this feature and now its live to users.

If you would like to try this out, just login to CloudBooks and click on Messages tab to test this features. Also let your clients know about this.

Happy Invoicing :)

Add Multiple Contacts to One Client in CloudBooks – New Feature

You can now add multiple contacts to one client. This is much requested feature:

multiple contacts

Step by Step Instructions
Go to the “Clients” tab
You will be brought to a list of your Clients
Click on the client of your choice
Under the “Contacts” section there is a little blue (+) that says “Add new contact”
Click on that link
Enter your secondary contact’s information (email is required)
There is no limit to how many contacts you can add to a client
Click “Save” when you’re finished

Get paid easier with Stripe

Get paid easier with Stripe

CloudBooks is always looking for easier ways to make running your small business the best way—and a big part of that is helping you get paid faster.
I think you heard about Stripe they’re making big waves in the online payment world, they make it simpler than ever before for small businesses to collect payments online. They are one of our featured payment gateways..

Here are a few ways Stripe streamlining the way you collect online payments:
1) With Stripe, there’s no need for a merchant account. This means you can get set-up and start collecting payments in just few minutes.
2) Stripe takes care of everything involved in the process: you can process one-time credit card transactions or set your clients up on recurring billing. Your earnings are directly transferred to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.
3) Stripe’s pricing is transaction-based. You only pay Stripe when you make money. Pricing is set at a competitive 2.9% and $0.30 per successful transaction for Canadian and US businesses. Pricing is set at 2.4% and 24c in the UK and Ireland. No set up fees. No hidden fees.
4) Your clients never have to leave CloudBooks to pay you. Clients view their invoice online, click to pay, enter their credit card information and they’re done. It’s that simple.

You can set up a Stripe account directly from your CloudBooks account. Here’s how:

1. Log into your CloudBooks account.
2. Click on the ‘Settings’ link in the top right corner of your screen.
3. Click on the ‘Online Payments’ tab.
4. Check mark on stripe option
5. Enter your details to sign up for a Stripe Account.
6. Click ‘Authorize Access’ to this Account when finished.
7. You will be redirected back to CloudBooks and your Stripe account will be enabled.

You are now ready to accept credit card payments online. When your client views an invoice they should see a ‘Pay Now’ button which will allow them to enter the credit card details.

Questions for Stripe? Contact their team at or visit their support page.