Using Facebook To Promote Your Small Business

Using facebook to promote your small business: Facebook and other social networking sites are a great way to bring traffic to your website and find new prospects and make money. Here's the big picture on how Facebook can work for you and each step you need to take to be profitable in social networking. (more…)

Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business: Often I'll get asked by business owners about social media, in particular, business owners want to know, "Should we get involved in social media? If so, which ones are the right ones to invest our time and money in?" Social media is a powerful tool, in particular, for small business. It's powerful because it gives you a huge return on investment. You can be very targeted in how you reach people and you can get...

Twitter for Small Business

Twitter for Small Business: How to promote your small business on Twitter: You're a small business. Whether you have a storefront, a website, or you're totally mobile, you understand the value of connecting with your customers online. That's why you're on Twitter. You're starting to find your voice, you're tweeting about your business, and you're building deeper connections with your followers; but what about all the people who haven't heard about you yet and would probably love your business? (more…)