Best Online Invoicing Software for Entrepreneurs

Online Invoicing Software for Entrepreneurs

When you start as an entrepreneur, you may think that your main concern is bringing the best product or service to your target customers. However, no matter what level of service you provide, you will not make progress if your clients are not paying you on time.

Notably, 60 percent of invoices are paid late, and over one-fifth of invoices are paid more than two weeks late. One of the best things you can do for getting paid on time is purchasing the best invoicing software so that your invoice goes on time, and is noticed and responded to.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top online invoice software for all your small business billing needs.

• Cloud Books Invoicing Software

This solution routinely makes it to the top of the list of invoicing software for small businesses because it provides the option to send unlimited, attractive invoices conveniently. You can try the invoicing software free for thirty days, and if you decide to opt for the paid version, you can enjoy features, such as live chat support, phone support, etc. along with the customary secure data storage in the cloud.

Team- 10 dollars/month
Agency-20 dollars/ month

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• Freshbooks

This versatile billing tool allows you to make proposals and estimates that are convenient for small businesses that need to itemize materials and include contracted workers. Further, you can send unlimited, customized invoices and setup recurring client billing, and also get paid through their user-friendly mobile app.

Lite version- 15 dollars/ month
Plus-25 dollars/month
Premium-50 dollars/ month

• QuickBooks
They provide invoicing software free for a thirty-day trial period, during which you can experience their highly-rated invoicing, bill management, and payroll solution. Besides, you have the option of easily getting paid online and preparing tax forms as well. It is worth noting that their Small Business Center allows you to clarify your queries with the local expert.

Starts at 9.99 dollars /month

• Invoicera

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can send customized invoices, receive online payments, and control expenses and cash flow as well. To boost productivity, they also offer a user-friendly time-tracking tool.

Free for three/ fewer clients
Premium- Starting at 19.95 dollars/ month

• Xero

You can use their invoicing and accounting software for thirty days for free. Small business owners can leverage the solution to send recurring invoices, pay employees, capture receipts, and witness financial information in real-time as well.

Starting at 9 dollars/ month

• Due

This versatile online invoicing platform allows you to be productive by helping with quotes and estimates, time-tracking for the work you have done as a freelancer, and billing clients worldwide as well. The software further shows you detailed financial reports that let you make informed business decisions. Also, you can benefit from the reminders and payment acknowledgments that you can quickly send.

Basic -7.99 dollars/ month
Pro-16.99 dollars/ month
Premium-27.99 dollars/ month

• Wave

One of the best things about the cloud-based, integrated accounting software is that it is completely free. If you are a freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur, you can benefit from their online forum filled with useful tips and articles. Also, it lets you do record-keeping through money receipts, send invoices easily, prepare sales tax reports and balance sheets, and take care of payroll, payment, and personal finance.



As an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is choose the right online invoice software for your business. Whether you decide to go with free invoicing software or not depends on factors, such as the number of clients and the level of support required. We hope this list helps you in your quest for finding the top invoicing software online.

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Why Invoicing Software is Better Than Invoicing Templates?


Traditional invoicing templates have been in fashion for decades. From paper to spreadsheets, the technology implementing invoicing has evolved. This evolution has given rise to one of the most powerful tools in business: invoicing software.

Invoicing is to a business what bread is to a dinner. It keeps your belly and pocket full. Invoicing templates have been floating around the internet since Word and Excel began. But invoicing with such templates causes more problems than it solves. Sure, it saves you time and money compared to traditional paper invoicing, but it does not make it better. There is a new solution on the block. Online invoicing software are not only robust and scalable but also error-free. Here are a few reasons why invoicing software is better than invoicing templates:

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Everything is Automated
Everything including your client estimates can be automated using a good invoicing software. You can automate client invoices even with a free invoicing software. The software comes with automated tools that send out recurring invoices. This is what real accounting in business is all about. It ensures a stress-free relationship with your client as the mistakes are reduced. And with cloud-based technologies, you can make last minute edits without opening the files. The cloud-based technologies offer easy solutions for tax filings, and ensures you get the rebates. CloudBooks generates more than 10,000 invoices a day and saves clients 60 hours per month through automated powerful tools.

Remain up-to-date always
With a cloud based invoicing software like CloudBooks, you can never miss an update. You don’t even have to lift a finger. The software automatically updates according to new standards and policies and makes these changes thoroughly through invoices. With invoicing software, all your billing details remain intact in one place. This means ease of access. It also makes processing transactions easier. You can even download an app on your phone to make invoicing super simple. If you are using invoice templates, you will need to do the research and update the templates yourself. You will need to devote a lot of time to do that.

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Invoicing Software make Profits
Money saved is money earned right? Invoicing software not only saves your money by reducing your cost in manpower and time, it also makes you huge profits. Invoicing software are designed to make you rich. A professional-looking invoice that provides clear information to the clients can make the process of payment smoother. If your client uses an online invoicing software, through integration you can get paid on the spot. Invoicing software also allow payments through various channels. Traditional PDF invoices through invoicing templates, generally restrict the mode of payment. This flexibility makes it easier for the client to make payments quickly and efficiently.

A Powerful Toolset
Unlike invoicing templates, invoicing software aren’t just about invoicing. With cloud backing, online invoicing software generate a reservoir of data about pricing models, taxes, and client information. Not only is this information secure, but can be accessed anytime. CloudBooks stores data in the PCI compliant format that keeps you and your client protected. Further, it has an array of tools for project management, expense management, and time tracking. It also offers comprehensive reports and performance analysis.

You can use CloudBooks for all your time tracking and invoicing needs at a reasonable price and a premium support service. CloudBooks is a fully automated invoicing software especially for SMEs and freelancers looking for documentation support.

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team chat
We like to maintain decorum in the office that’s why we generally hate too much speaking in office but love to depict like professional.

Who likes to be yelling from office to office, or sending unnecessary emails? It’s simply a waste of time. The people you work with should all provide their own ideas while keeping everybody on the same page. This is easier when working together in the same physical office space.

Chat applications are necessary tool for developing innovative idea and for keeping your business step ahead in the market. In this article I have gathered 8 Team chat tool and application for your business which will keep you manage chat system.