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Focus on Your Strengths to Maximize Productivity

Focus on Your Strengths to Maximize Productivity

Hi. Suraj here. Here’s a thought on your personal development. I’ve said before that it’s really important for you to understand what your strengths are and to work within those areas of strength, not to focus on those areas that you’re not as strong or even weak in. The idea being that when you focus at what you’re really, really good at, you’ll bring the maximum amount of value to your life, to your relationships and to your business. When we’re asked, “What are you really good at? What are you strong at?” We maybe have a stock answer of one or two things but have we really thought about what our strengths are?

Social Media Tips for freelancers: Facebook

Social Media Tips for freelancers: Facebook

Following give general idea on Social Media for freelancers, the blog of CloudBooks want to limit a little bit and talk about how to get more out of Facebook, giving some clues of this network that continues monopolizing the top spot in the ranking of social networks most used. (more…)

6 common techniques to waste time at work


Wasting time is in our nature. We can not avoid. Of course, it is not something we want. If this were not so, there would be many articles on how to work more efficiently.

Most of us waste time without being aware of it. The dreaded procrastination is part of our daily life, even for those who have the best intentions.

However, the first step we must take to solve a problem is admitting you have one. Or, if you think you have no problem, you should rethink surely. (more…)