Social Media Tips for freelancers: Facebook

Social Media Tips for freelancers: Facebook

Following give general idea on Social Media for freelancers, the blog of CloudBooks want to limit a little bit and talk about how to get more out of Facebook, giving some clues of this network that continues monopolizing the top spot in the ranking of social networks most used.

Of course it can help to increase your sales in the long term, but as we mentioned earlier, will serve mainly to increase the reputation of your brand, a must if you want to get online positioning your business as an independent worker. Needless to say, today, much as the buzz of life remains a source of new customers, if you get visualizer your name … imagine how much work you can get?

Yes. Always remember the same thing: if you have money to invest in online and social media marketing, it is much more advisable externalize this service or hire someone to take charge solely of your image on the internet. If by the time you’ve got to ride on your own, scores these tips!

Never open a personal profile:
Facebook still watching in many freelancers profiles instead of opening Fanpage to promote their work create personal profiles, or even use their personal profiles, which are of course his 400 friends. This practice, in addition to denote very little control of the network, provide a picture of you very unprofessional. Would you like that?

When creating your professional space on Facebook, select ‘Create Page’. Then, as you can see from the image, you must choose what type of business is yours. He finishes well because it will be basic users future searches. How do you want to be found? Once you create the page, you will have more opportunities to outline in more detail the sector of your professional activity.

Complete information 100%:
Fill out all fields to see. If you are unsure where on the page users see the information you are going to include, it is best to go by evidence. Fill a field, save and refresh, then remember that you can modify to nonpublic and so you make sure not offer half-finished product.

In the top menu under the ‘Settings’ tab, may include all the information of your company. As you see in the picture, what you write in the ‘Information’ appears on the Biography of your page, so you should be brief, in turn, provide a very clear idea of what your product. With the tab ‘Category’ and ‘works’ you can define your activity much more autonomous.

It is highly recommended that you specify the exact location of your business; you may have physical or non local. Is that how you get your fans to have the ability to include reviews or opinions about your work?

As you can imagine, a detailed explanation of your products is also very important.

Gradually you will notice that Facebook often make changes to its interface and dashboard occasionally. Will have to adapt to them?. I recently changed the way the tabs or tabs on the cover are. You’ll have to make an attractive image for this section and if it changes, beware that the tabs do not obscure the text.

If you have questions you can go to ‘Helpdesk’, fairly complete, and the ‘Forum Help’.

If you have other social media channels you can also include through the tabs. Search the application that suits you, and link your Twitter account with Facebook, so to try to increase the number of Followers, since they can see all your activity on a separate tab.

As you can imagine, in fact all these details will be learning with practice and do much here as you investigate every corner of your Fanpage.

Continuity of your post:
For some time, suddenly Facebook shut off the water when show users (ie your fans) all your daily publications. The percentage of range of each post fell from a brutal way, so if you want to invest money in promoting your site, or any publication that has had far-reaching, you must have much view and mischief to get directions to your larger number of fans for free, and to get new fans.

At first, it makes sense to invite all your friends to get more fans, but then be quality content and incorporating Social Media into your website or blog, which will help you get more fans, in the case of you do not want to spend money to get it.

Like Google, Facebook not feel anything right you do not have continuity in the activity of your page. Therefore we recommend that you try to post every day with quality content, always looking for your fans to share, please click or at least interact with their ‘Like’.

The ‘Statistics’ menu is one of the most interesting and addictive. Look at the times when more people are connected to attempt to achieve a greater range of your post. There will be times that you will work, sometimes not, but at least have to try, right?

And above all analyzes, analyzes, analyzes. This menu is your starting point for continuity to your publications or develop your strategy. Try to find out what your fans like most needed, based on the scope of your publication record, Photos, links, what kind of news have been more clicks, which subject has had more scope?

Tone of voice:
As I mentioned before, invite your friends to become fans, keep in mind the tone you’re going to use in your Fanpage. Offering a professional tone. If one of your friends makes a comment, go to them like any other fan. In social networks is like in normal life, apply common sense, which as they say is often the least common of the senses.

And of course, be very careful if you receive any input or negative feedback. Deal with it as best you can, always keep your tone polite and not lose your temper or worry excessively. Above all, stay calm and manage it the best you can. Think once again, as in real life, people need to feel heard.