Marketing Mistakes Freelancers Make

In this blog post I’m going to be talking about the no-results-producing work. Okay, so you probably know what I’m talking about already. When we get started as freelancers, what do we do? We jump on social media, we talk about our new thing that we’re looking to do and we built this website and we spent all this time putting together a portfolio. Let me ask you: Why do we do this? Is this going to get us a customer in the shortest amount of time? No, it’s not.

The best way to get a customer is to go directly to them after we’ve identified who they are, so, that being said, instead of putting out information trying to attract people, trying to pull people from thin air, it makes a lot more sense for us to go directly to them and talk to the buyers, talk to our clients, to see if they want to buy our service. I’m not saying building your website or building your portfolio or working on your social media marketing strategy is not a good thing. It is, but that is something you do in the long term and you don’t want to spend too, too much time on that. You should be spending the majority of your time going out there talking to real-life people, trying to find out the benefits that they’re looking for or the problems that they have, and seeing how you can resolve their problem or give them that benefit.

Bottom line, instead of doing this arbitrary online attraction marketing talking about how great you are and putting your work out there, it’s way more powerful for you to go directly to your customers. Instead of doing this no-result-producing task of working on social media and working on your website, working on your portfolio for hours on end, go directly and get the results.

I hope you found this short blog post “10 Marketing Mistakes Freelancers Make” helpful 🙂