Advice for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Advice for Small Business Entrepreneurs:

I think the most important thing about running a company is to remember all the time what a company is. A company is simply a group of people. As a leader of people, you have to be a great listener, and you have to be a great motivator. You have to be very good at praising and looking for the best in people. People are no different from flowers. If you water flowers, they flourish. If you praise people, they flourish, and that’s a critical attribute of a leader.

Helpful Hints to Capturing Everything

Helpful Hints to Capturing Everything:
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Hey there, busy freelancer. I have a feeling you’ve already received a few emails today. What? More than a few, you say? And a few phone calls, too? Yeah, that comes with the territory when you run a business: people are always wanting to hire you.

That last phone call you took probably had a task or two buried within it that you are responsible for. Your email inbox is most likely overflowing with to-do items for projects, both current and future. And, heaven forbid, if you’ve actually met with a client in person, you probably picked up a few things to add to your list there as well. (more…)

Few Basic Productivity Skills

Few Basic Productivity Skills:
Few Basic Productivity Skills

Now that we’re clear on what productivity isn’t, let’s lay the foundation for what it really is. When you learn the basics of cooking, you discover a whole new world beyond microwave meals and restaurant take-out. I hope the same can be true with productivity: your freelance workflow is about to expand exponentially. (more…)



Before we start talking about what productivity looks like, let’s spend a moment discussing what it isn’t. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and they muddy the waters for people like us who are honestly trying to get some work done.

Myth #1 – “The same productivity system will work for everyone.”

This is the one-size-fits-all mindset that some experts push on us. For some, David Allen’s Getting Things Done method (known as GTD) is the epitome of all things productive. For others it is the Action Method. Some sing the praises of the Pomodoro Technique while others swear by the Don’t Break the Chain method (also known as the Seinfeld Method). Everyone thinks their system is the best, and they are quick to tell us why we need to dump our own methods in favor of theirs. (more…)

What Is A Funded Proposal?

What Is A Funded Proposal?


In this article you will read what funded proposals are and how to use them to do three things simultaneously. Number one, find your best customers, number two, boost your main product or services sales and number three, give you an unlimited marketing budget.

To give you an overview of what a funded proposal is and how it works let me show the natural flow of information between your side and your visitors that visit your site. I’ll breakdown each step for you in this article and a question you maybe asking yourself as you read this is, “How would this work for my particular business?” The good news is that funded proposals will work for all sorts of businesses and that is the topic for this section of the Internet Marketing for Business Owners website. (more…)