Need higher email marketing response? Do this

Need higher email marketing response
In our efforts to help you leverage the power of email marketing to work for your business we have listed some of the best practices that you MUST follow to achieve higher response from your email marketing campaigns

1.Use your corporate/business email address for FROM address.
– Avoid using ISPs such as Yahoo,Gmail.
– Consistently use your domain name to build reputation over time.
– With Mail Marketer you can use your own business email address for FROM and REPLY

2.Use Good Contact List
– Send emails to those who want it.
– Avoid purchased leads/list from online. Build your own list.
– Clean your list of bounces regularly.
– Do not resend to bounced email address
– Give minimum 3 days gap of every successive campaign sent to the same contact list.

3. Give Unsubscribe Option
– Include the unsubscribe link both at top and bottom of emails.
– Don’t give your recipient a chance to click ‘Report Spam’.
– Mail Marketer’s one-click unsubscribe feature does wonder, no further emails are sent to
unsubscribed contacts.

4. Create Good Email Content
– Make sure your emails don’t get flagged as spam. Write your suject line more attractive.
– Avoid using words such as ‘Free’, ‘Save’, ‘Discount’ in both the subject line and content.
– Personalize emai ls with the recipients name. Use Custom Fields in Mail Marketer.
– Mail Marketers advanced Spam-Filter Check tool, helps you find and remove spam words from
your content.

– Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails.
– Include your personal,company and contact details.