Build a powerful campaign on Twitter

Use this quick list to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter Ads:

Boost your site’s traffic with a website clicks campaign. Website clicks campaigns use Website Cards, which are formatted like billboards — using size and click-catching images to bring more traffic to your website from Twitter.

Start with 4-6 Tweets per campaign; add in at least 1 new Tweet every week to keep content fresh. These can be new variations of older Tweets, or completely unique content.

Using just one type of targeting per campaign makes it easier to determine what is working. You can experiment with targeting followers, specific interests, keywords, etc.

Start with a minimum of $25-$50 a day as you determine what works best for your goals. Read up on credit limits and billing FAQs to ensure your campaigns continue running smoothly or click “Help?” on to investigate getting a higher limit.

Learn by running multiple, varied campaigns at the same time. This eliminates blind spots and helps you find the most effective campaigns.