Here’s How You Can Create And Manage Professional Looking Invoices


invoice creation is an integral part of running any business, be it big or small. And when done right, it can make a lasting impression on your client. Now, creating professional looking invoices doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you take care of a few things and inculcate them as best practices for invoice generation. You will be able to create better looking invoices that help you get paid quicker.

In fact, it is super easy to generate top notch invoices using online invoice software. They are easy to use, intuitive and allow you two create professional looking invoices in a jiffy.

There are multiple different invoices that you can create depending on your business and the nature of the transaction. You can generate itemized invoices, bills for your service, invoices for monthly retainers etc. Regardless of the format you choose, the standard professional invoice template contains a few important things that you should make a note of:

Business Details
An invoice should be generated either on a company letterhead or contain important details about your business, starting with the name of the business, of course. Take a subsection of the top of the invoice to add the name of your business and details. Add your logo, and you can maintain a color scheme. This adds to your brand value, and establishes your credibility.

If your business requires you to show some form of certification, do add that right under the name. Any other such bylines that need to be added as per the law should be added right under the name.

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Contact Information
While using any invoicing software online, in the top section of the template, right below the name, you should place your contact information. This can include either one or multiple channels of contact. You can also use a standard letter head or personalize the invoices you generate according to the client.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can add contact information of a particular sales person or an employee handling communication with a specific client.

Invoice Number
Every invoice contains an invoice number which is unique. Consider this compulsory.

Payment Agreement
An invoice is a request for payment for the services you provided. It should represent all aspects of payment. Hence, the payment terms or agreement must be clearly stated on the invoice.

Each business has different payment terms, and might even change payment terms for different invoices, depending on the service or the client. These terms generally indicate a due date for a one time service, and the payment cycle for periodic payments.

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Buyer Details
Any professional invoice template needs to include this. After all, the invoice will be sent out to a client who will use it as a bill. Buyer details like name of the business, or person you are dealing with, and their contact information should be present on the invoice itself.

Product/Service Details
The purpose of creating and sending an invoice is to request money for a service or product. Of course, the star of the entire show is the services and their rates.
So, mention each service or product with a description, quantity (if applicable), rate, and amount. Make sure you include everything billable, including business expenses, if incurred by you. Every service should contain a brief description as well.

Sum up the amounts for all the services rendered and mention it separately as the total sum (or taxable amount).

Applicable Tax
The tax amount on each service depends on the nature of the service and the jurisdiction your business comes under. Make sure to crosscheck the relevant information on services with the tax laws. You can use free invoice software to determine the applicable tax and policy regulations for your business.

Add the tax below the sum total, mentioning every little detail like the type of tax and the percentage, and other details. Then, add the tax to the sum total, and mention it at the end. This is the final amount you are requesting.

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If you are offering discounts, be sure to include that in the amount.

Due Date/Overdue Fine
Be sure to add a due date for the payment and the fine (if applicable) in case of any delay in the payment.

To conclude, as long as you keep the above aspects in mind and use reliable invoicing software online, creating accurate invoices that look professional will be a breeze.

Important Money-Saving Tips That Freelancers Need to Know


When you choose to work as a freelancer, you deviate from a traditional 9-to-5 job and decide to become your own boss and enjoy greater flexibility and freedom. While this has many perks, freelancing means you don’t have consistent salary slips coming your way. Hence, it makes sense to explore some creative ways to save money so that you can plan your future and prepare for rainy days easily.
Through the course of this article, we will show you how to save money each month. However, remember that saving money as a freelancer requires a great amount of discipline. This is simply because, as a freelancer, your schedule changes every week. Unpredictable deadlines always keep you on your toes. And with a fluctuating income, it becomes a little tough to cap a definite savings amount. So, here are a few tips on how to save money that will help.

• Track your time
• Keep your expenses in check
• Maintain a separate bank account
• Use estimates for saving goals

Track your Time
The number one tool that should be on every freelancer’s list is time tracking software. You have to know where you are spending your precious time in order to control the consequences of your efforts.
Once you start tracking how much time you are spending on each project, and sub tasks, you will figure out how to save money on everything. So, keep everything you do on a clock. Don’t take any activity for granted. Establish a time tracking setup that works for you.

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Keep your expenses in check
Once you start tracking your time, you are now ready to start tracking your expenses. Business expense tracking is a great way to maximize profits. Many freelancers struggle with filing expenses because of the sheer volume of receipts they receive. And sometimes, they forget to file for expenses. To be honest, when you are juggling with multiple clients, it is hard to keep a track of expenses.
Luckily, any business expense tracking software will allow you to monitor your expenditure on a daily basis. It will segregate your expenses and allow you to build a wholesome, progressive spending habit.
Every week, you will be able to see what you are spending on and what some of those recurring subscriptions that you are paying for are. Business expense tracking will help you save money right from the get go.

Maintain a separate bank account
Having a business account that is separate from your personal account is one of the top tips on how to save money. That’s simply because it is easy to spend more than necessary from your personal account. But your business account can exist as a separate entity that will not be prone to indulgence.
You can set a monthly limit on the outgoing funds from your business account towards your personal account, to automate money saving. Moreover, you can create a savings account. That is one of the more creative ways to save money. Create a virtual piggy bank of sorts, which is only for incoming payments.

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Use estimates for saving goals
If you have any decent invoicing software or a good enough method to make estimates for every project, it will definitely help you save money. After all, every project requires you to put in a number of hours, and bear some expenses. At the end of the project, whatever amount you will be paid, a percentage of it can be contributed to your monthly saving goals.
As a freelancer, you need to establish weekly or monthly saving goals, depending on your pay grade and cycle. No matter what, work towards these goals and use business expense tracking software to make the process simple.

So, keep these creative ways to save money handy when you gear up to take on the freelancing world. Being a little conscious about expenses and embracing technology to monitor your cash flow can help you more than you think.

Here is How Free Invoice Software Can Help You Overcome Remote Work Challenges?


All said and done, remote work comes with its own set of challenges, even though it offers flexibility and better work-life balance. However, the pandemic has made it essential for most businesses to work remotely. Hence, it is important to embrace technological advancements to make life as easy as possible even if you cannot work out of office. For instance, free invoicing software solutions are available now to help businesses and professionals get paid on time and make daily operations simpler.

Any simple invoice software can save professionals so much time they otherwise spend on struggling with excel sheets and receipts in many ways. Here are a few incredible ways free invoice software can help overcome remote work challenges:

• Automated Billing
• Cloud Based software
• Make invoices on the fly
• Easy Last Minute Changes
• Payment Integrations

Automated Billing
Any free invoice software will give you the power of creating bills without having to lift a finger. All you have to do is file projects and recurring payments that go along with them for all your regular clients.
Any invoice generator software will create bills the way you like them for your clients. These can be customized with your own branding and format. Such invoices will be issued at the given dates that you set, and include every important detail.
You can use free invoice software to set up a sustainable business model that will help you retain customers longer. This can be done by sending gentle payment reminders and adjusting dues automatically. And many more such small details that bookkeeping tends to ignore.

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Cloud Based Software
The best thing about most invoicing software online is that they are cloud-based. This means that every transaction and datasheet you upload on it will be stored forever on its secure data hub servers.
You can access the information that you need anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet connectivity. This makes it super easy to make invoices accessible to your clients in a jiffy. Making invoices and sharing them using simple invoice software is actually a breeze because they are cloud-based.

Make invoices on the fly
Unlike good ole’ excel sheets and printed receipts, invoices that are prepared by using invoice generator software can be customized to fit your business the way you want it. You don’t have to run around looking for templates for each invoice.
Any free software will offer you plenty of templates to choose from, or let you create your own template. Hence, creating invoices will become a quick and simple process.
And since most free invoice software solutions are cross-platform, you can actually make an invoice on your mobile, on the fly.

Easy Last Minute Changes
Sometimes, while working remotely, you can get crushed under the rock just because of miscommunication. Getting and staying on long calls is not easy. Luckily, since any invoice software online is cloud-based and cross-platform, you can make any last minute changes without fretting about excel sheet woes.
Despite your jam-packed schedule, you can actually connect with your clients and incorporate everything they want in the invoice without worrying, by using simple invoice software.

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Payment Integrations
The hardest thing in invoicing is actually collecting the payments. Invoices are mere requests towards a client to make the payment. But, whether or not the payment is actually made depends on the client.
The good news is that, invoicing software makes it exceedingly easy to collect payments from your clients by simple payment integrations. These allow payment channels to be placed directly on your invoice, so your clients can pay the way they like.
To cut a long story short, free invoicing software makes it super simple to create and manage invoices, get paid on time and run your business in a more efficient manner, even if you are working remotely.