Project Management Relies on Smart Time Tracking – Find out why


No project management can be a success without effective time tracking and management. It is crucial to plan timelines and deadlines, and stick to them to see a project through successful completion. Optimum utilisation of project management and time tracking software can take away major stress off your shoulders.

Project management software with time tracking mechanism enables professionals to not only pan out their projects but keep them going as such. Getting distracted and delaying tasks happens to the best of us, but time tracking software can save the day whenever these unwanted delays hit. Time tracking ensures that you do not fall off the deadlines, and bounce back from every little distraction. Let us look at how project management can be enhanced greatly with time tracking:

1: Easy Resource Allocation
Not all departments work the same way; some require extra help on certain aspects. For example, accounting tends to require more people during tax season and technical teams on deployments. Project management time tracking software keeps a check on your workforce and makes a note of the value addition of each employee.

With project management software with time tracking, you have the productivity data for every employee. So, when another department seeks manual labour the most, you can map them accurately without disturbing the balance of other departments. This is extremely helpful for departments looking to take up heavy projects that require more effort than usual.

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2: Productivity Boost
Each individual can supervise themselves for each project with project management software with time tracking. Setting yourself up for success becomes necessary especially in the work from home scenario. Every employee needs to be constantly in touch with the progress they are making and managers need to ensure they have the right tools for a productive and conducive atmosphere.
Time tracking software is one such tool that drives users to attain goals well in time. With constant reminders and daily checks, every user can step back and analyse their productivity for the day.

3: Ready to Go Reports
Smart time tracking with project management software is a sure-shot way of recording timesheets without any extra effort. The time tracker instantly records your progress and work for each task, and creates professional-looking reports for the same in a jiffy. Not only do you have a ready-made log of all activity for a particular task, but you can categorise tasks for a project and record the overall progress. With this, you have the added ability to manage projects efficiently.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about inaccurate timesheets filled out by employees. You can generate daily reports for each task or reports per project to keep track of your progress overall.

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4: Analyse and Improve
Time tracking software captures the hidden nuances of work culture at your workspace. What are the times your employees usually take a break? What kind of tasks takes the most time? Or, what are the distracting hours of a day? All this data can be easily accessed from time tracking software.

Upon this data, you can perform powerful analysis and understand the behaviour at your workplace. For example, if you find that a lot of your employees are taking breaks during a technical task, you can try to break down that task into multiple threads. This will encourage employees to work more in a given timeframe. Or, if some of your employees are working through lunch breaks, you can compensate them with incentives.

Efficient time management has long been a secret to success for major corporations. With simple project management software and time tracking software, small businesses can access the doorway to sustainable growth without emptying their pockets.