19 Tactics on Twitter to promote your company

19 Tactics on Twitter to promote your company

If you have an account created in the social network Twitter for your SME or business, but still without a defined strategy to really leverage this channel marketing, I recommend 19 tactics on Twitter order to promote the online presence of your company.
19 tactics on Twitter

I see many professionals or businesses that questions its initial digital marketing strategy has opened a Twitter account. Or that they have just made because somebody said to be.

But why be on Twitter or any other social network if the content on a regular basis is not updated? Or how many do not even use the option of Retweets?

Remember that Twitter is very dynamic nature. There are those who do not publish Tweets (tweets) over a long period of time, or publish multiple row and then nothing. Or those who simply leave it on autopilot. Unfortunately this is insufficient to drive the business itself.

It seems incredible, but there is not much to go into next year. I think now is a good time to revive and redesign your marketing plan social networks. Take your presence in the social media channel to a higher level to achieve results in line with company goals scored.

The following 6 points including 19 tactics in Twitter help increase your presence in social media. In addition you will benefit by cutting the time you need to be on the Internet:

1. Improve your public profile at Twitter.
Make sure the information displayed on the public profile of Twitter represents your business properly. Without it you will find it difficult to attract your target audience and thus to new followers.

Reviews the following in your profile and apply the following tactics:
1. The header image and photo are of good quality and represent the brand of your company?
2. Have you optimized the 160 characters available for the biography?
3. Is there a link to your website or blog to redirect traffic?

And how long you have not updated your public profile?

2. Determine your goals.
In relation to your overall marketing strategy in social networks, develops 3 main objectives for the social network, which should include both you and collaborators or employees of your company.

Methods to be applied:
1. Post, share and distribute useful content regularly to generate interest, leads and sales. Both own and third party content.
2. continuously interacts with (potential) customers and interested in your products, services or brand.
3. Communicate with key influencers to give a further boost your presence. Social media influencers are people who have earned the respect, credibility and recognition regarding a particular subject.

This way you get to create, build a community in Twitter.

3. Establish a strategy of publishing content.
The first thing is to create an editorial calendar for social networks which of course includes this network. This way you can manage all the more orderly and better criterion publications. I would even say that you can save time.

Plan on Twitter to apply:
Publishing useful and quality content. As already mentioned in other articles, provides information to readers, not material for sell.
2. Plan your tweets in advance. For this there are tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.
3. Custom Tweets. Do not use the same terminology for all social networks. This way you do not sound repetitive if someone follows e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. It is also an advantage for search engines.
4. If for example you published a long article on your blog, use the various important points to create different Tweets for a longer time publication.
5. Analyzes statistics to know what is the best day and time to launch Tweets and reach your target audience, your key audience.

How long have not analyzed the statistics?

4. Increase your audience.
Like any other marketing channel, here also planning and implementation is required. Input people are not going to continue because yes (to unless they are friends or family). You have to win people.

These tactics on Twitter to promote your business include:
1. Include your Twitter username on your website, your blog, the newsletter, e-mails or any other means of written communication. Also use it on business cards and advertising offline.
2. If you have employees, ask them to include the username Twitter in your correspondence.
3. Engages in the web of social media “conversations” friendly (with no intention of just selling) with others who may be interested in your products or services. If you are interested in what you offer, it will be easier to follow you and you can build an audience.

Note that is a process to medium term.

5. Choose strategically which want to continue.
When you access your account on that network, you have the drop-down menu located in the upper right option “Lists” part. Methods are:

1. You can subscribe to an existing list to read Tweets (Tweets) of individuals or companies for strategic reasons would follow. For example, to keep abreast of what’s happening in your industry or market.

2. Note: You could also create a list that can be private or public.

Remember that this social network is one of the channels of online marketing with more projection yet undervalued. Choose people who want to follow wisely to achieve your goals.

6. Extended life of Tweets.
We all know that Tweets (tweets) on whether they have a very short life. That is why you should try to maximize their reach.

Tactics to achieve the objective:
1. Retweet  your post. Given the vast information published every second, many experts argue that it is necessary to publish the same Tweet several times (3-4 times daily) for greater reach.
2. Include a call to action, if only to make a Retweet. Do not forget to put a link to a landing page (landing page).
3. Include a picture or video. A Tweet that includes a visual medium greatly increases your chances of being Retweeted.

And as a final point not forget that it is necessary that visitors to your website have it easy to share your content. Includes social button on each publication.

What other tactics on Twitter include in your social media marketing strategy and why?