4 Best Sales Management Software/Tool

4 Best Sales Management Software/Tool
Sales is not easy as other thinks, Sales person have so many tasks and responsibilities that they often feel as though they are being pulled in a million different directions. Businesses grow when they maintain healthy relationships with their customers.

Knowing the right Cloud-based sales management software for your small business can make your life as much easier, increase productivity, and ultimately help your business grow and prosper. Web-based software should be easy to implement, use, and customize, and affordable in price.

To make their work and life easier, here are four Cloud-based sales management software, you can use to maximize your sales pipeline:

Sales Bridge is a sales acceleration/automation platform. Sales Bridge tool aggregates multiple calendars and generates a custom URL that can be sent to anyone you would like to meet with. The link shows all your available and busy blocks of time and allows the end user to simply pick the time that works for them from your remaining available spots. People love the self service feature and it only take a few seconds to fill out the request.
SalesRadar.io is to find new customers fast, getting leads straight on your radar, while building a customisable sales process to manage your sales pipeline. Salesradar.io helps you focus quickly on opportunities which will help you grow. Designed to provide visibility to smaller teams and assist in collaboration, management and automation of tasks. It’s a powerful tool, helps you administer your contacts and access powerful reporting, helping your team transform your sales performance.
Saleswhale allows professionals to keep their networking with business professionals organized, and also keeps a clear log of every interaction you have shared with your contact. It is also easy to keep track of all the tasks, notes and files for the deals you are currently working with, making it the one-stop tool for you to manage both your relationships and deals. Saleswhale

Pipedrive is a great choice. An easy-to-use online sales solution, that’s why Pipedrive, a cloud-based sales pipeline management solution, stands out among competitors in the marketplace. The application was built by experienced salespeople, with an eye for keeping sales processes as simple, straightforward, and efficient as possible.
Pipedrive is primarily used by small and mid-size teams, however the sales CRM’s advanced features have wide applications. Professionals can use Pipedrive to organize their contacts, forecast sales, and follow-up with leads at optimal times. Pipedrive also comes in android and IOS application.