4 Things that Retard the Functioning of QuickBooks

No doubt, QuickBooks is extremely instrumental accounting software for small and big organizations, finance managers and chartered accountants. It has indeed made accounting a cakewalk. In fact, all the good things stated about this program are true in all perspectives. But, it is also undeniably true that the moment some technical glitches get developed in it, its users start crying foul. But, QuickBooks alone is not to be blamed for all the miseries that its users have to face on a day-to-day basis. The users of this program also make contributory negligence that lead to the catastrophic situation. If you are among those QuickBooks users who want to know about the common pitfalls and avoid these in order to enjoy working with this financial tool without any hurdle or discomfiture, you should avoid doing the things discussed below:

Leaving the App Unattended: Countless number of users leave their QuickBooks open even if they are not doing anything with it. They go for lunch, movies, out of station and do not care for this App. Probably, they are not aware of its repercussions. If the data file does not enjoy the password protection, the data of the users become vulnerable and these come in the command of the interceptors. Data file corruption becomes a common phenomenon in these cases. Suppose, your network connection becomes miserably low and hence QuickBooks assume that you are not yet logged out, severe problems with the data file may crop up. Its worst aftermath: if the database manager thinks you are still very much connected, you might end up looking at a server reboot to end your issues.

No Upgradation: If you fail to upgrade your QuickBooks, may be you will have to pay heavy price for it. Contrary to what lots of users think, the main reason for updation of this software is not to send Intuit its money. In fact, there are a number of software fixes and new tax laws added with each and every big release. And hence even if its upgradation is deemed to be a prohibitively expensive proposition, not working with its updated version is rather more catastrophic.

No Focus on Clean Installations: Never be in confusion that Windows can meticulously handle the uninstallation, if you end up with a wrecked installation. This type of proposition will just make the subsequent installations a major fiasco. Hence, it is advisable to go through your directory structure, after you do away with uninstall and delete the redundant files. But, while deleting the files, you should be conscientious enough not to wipe out anything associated with QuickBooks POS, if you will need that application further. If you find your key and product code, even if you do an install, you should understand that the install was not clean.

Rebooting the Server Thoughtlessly: Rebooting the server without sending the warning signal to the users of the program may do more disservice than good for you. Hence, even if your server is having great amount of issues and you have good reasons to believe that rebooting will only solve the purpose, you should not do it at the spur of the moment. Instead, you should inform in advance to all the users who are engrossed working on the data file. It is simply because if you reboot the server and connection gets lost, data files get corrupted most of the time. And hence, in order to avoid such type of situation, all that you need to do is to alert the users well in advance that they need to close out, since server is going down. After everyone is out of it, the process of reboot will be smooth.

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