5 Best Calendar App for 2015

5 Best Calendar App for 2015
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This month you must be having busy schedule or bad time with your job and you may be looking for a upcoming holiday to take a rest or to spend some quality time with your family but your business or job keeps busy you. You always make a fake promise to your loved one that next week will spend good time with each other.
Here we have solution for you, Five best calendar apps for you to get your schedule in better shape in 2015 with the help of one of these fantastic calendar apps:

Calvetica:- It’s my favorite app it give me neat and clean scheduling system. My favorite feature of Calvetica was that it made it easy to jump to another date, even a date several years in the past. Just swipe on the year and, in a few taps, you can answer the question of where you were on the night of such-and-such. Price: $2.99
Cal:- One of the best to-do list apps out there, Rather than just organize your agenda, Cal helps you gain focus without the extra effort. Topping The Next Web’s list of 2013’s Best Apps, it’s the calendar that truly unlocks the potential of Android.
My Calendar: – is taking calendar apps to the next level. My Calendar is the best calendar application for Windows Phone. Customizable calendar views, many Live Tile options, birthdays with photos and task management with task categories.
Price: Free
my calendar
Calendars 5:- This calendar app offers a wide variety of layouts. Whether you prefer the weekly, daily, monthly, or by-list view, Calendars 5 displays your calendar exactly the way you prefer.
Best feature: The design is colorful yet functional, and I love the choice of icons to represent each different type of activity.
Platform: iOS
Price: $6.99
Sunrise Calendar: – is a great choice because of its simple design. It also offers a widget that keeps your appointments on your main screen.
Best feature: Sunrise is also available for your Mac, for even better cross-platform use.
Platform: iOS, OS X, Android
Price: Free