5 must-have Features in a Billing Software for Your Restaurant


Whether you own a big and fancy restaurant or a food truck, you must have an efficient billing system in place. The right restaurant billing software can take care of the billing and operation processes including ticketing, invoicing and more. This can also help in bringing down the clerical activities, especially the things that took a toll on your day-to-day operations, and help you cut unnecessary costs. A restaurant billing software has many features. However, you must be careful while selecting the one for your restaurant. To make the task easier, here are the five features you need to look for –

Inventory Management
Efficiently managing inventory is one of the most important aspects of running a successful restaurant business. It is something that you have to do on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time, restaurant owners use a pen and paper to keep track of everything while some use excel sheets.

A restaurant billing software come equipped with the inventory management system. This can automatically manage your daily stock, daily wastage, thefts, if any and other aspects customized to your business. The software will send you an alert if you are running low on a particular stock. Or are exceeding your daily wastage to avoid any major losses. It keeps a track on your inventory, and allows you to document everything you use on a daily basis.

Online Order System
Online food delivery is receiving upwards of 5 billion dollars in revenue per annum. Isn’t it then imperative that your software includes an online ordering system? With this, you no longer have to check multiple devices to know the status of their orders across platforms. Even if you use a third-party software to take orders and track it, you are likely to be juggling with many software and applications. Using a restaurant billing software that accepts orders from all applications and bills them according to your billing system, makes the entire process way easy.

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Allow Feedback
Generally, you expect your customers to be candid with you about the experience they had with your food. But not all your customers are ever so candid. A good restaurant billing software should allow your customers to express their feedback right after they are billed.

This could come in various ways, but it works best if it is a point-to-point feedback mechanism. Customers could rank different aspects of your service on a ranking system, or a happiness system. Along with this, customers should be allowed to add additional remarks. A feedback system is a must-have feature in a restaurant billing software.

You are probably using many software to conduct your business smoothly. This could be a CRM or marketing software to manage your clients and data well. Or it could be internal knowledge-based system, or a community software for your employees. Either way, a restaurant billing software should be connected to all these small widgets and tools for seamless communication.

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Cloud Based
This is important for the users on-the-go. If you are the owner of a restaurant, it is highly possible that you are not supervising physically on a daily basis. So, how do you support your team? Using a cloud-based restaurant billing software that allows you to track and analyze incoming data is exceedingly helpful in managing your sales.