5 Social Media Marketing Apps to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Would you like to improve your social media marketing? Do you want to streamline your social media marketing and make your life a little bit easier? If yes then you must check these five web based apps. As a social media marketer, you’ll likely want to find apps that will help you keep up with social networking and stay productive while on the go.

Pikiz :- Pikiz is a web based app that allows anyone to easily create and share viral images from anywhere on the web. With Pikiz, customize images or texts directly where you find them on the Web. You can share high quality image in just less than a minute, yielding superb pictures to be shared on social media, for correspondence campaigns or basically to make your friends and family laugh.
Cuttle:- Cuttle is a social media automation dashboard. Design using Canva right in the dashboard, wrap your links in CTAs, and schedule posts to publish automatically, amongst many other things to help you with your content marketing. When you need some extra help Cuttle will matchmake you with a trained and certified Cuttle Specialist, on demand content marketers with no long term commitment.
Contentivo :- Contentivo is the next generation employee advocacy platform, and the only organic content amplification solution that exists today. It helps companies leverage the social reach and influence of their greatest asset – their own employees.
Companies can acquire talent faster, generate more leads on social media and promote events by sending messages through their own employees. This message is sent out from the company page and personal profiles of all employees at the exact same time.
Hashtago:- Hashtago is a software-as-a-service for brands to activate a community of users by means of cross-platform hashtag-centered marketing campaigns. Using #Tracker brand can bring its social media activity to a new level. Knowing the data about the hashtags you can empower marketing reports, improve advertisement campaigns planning, perform competitor’s reviews, understand target audience lifestyle and get links to biggest influencer’s profiles to communicate with them.
TinyTorch:- TinyTorch is platform for businesses , with the TinyTorch you can discover, create and share social content , businesses can find and schedule a month’s worth of relevant and engaging content to post on their social pages. It allows to create their own custom content, and then save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share.