6 Essential Online Tool for Freelancer’s Must Try to Work Smarter

When it comes to freelancing, knowing the right tools for the job can make all the difference.

Time is money, Right? The best way to succeed in that new economy is to prepare on time. To use proper tools. To adopt a proper mindset.

Beside your own work, you’ll be responsible to find your clients and convince them to hire you, instead of your competitor.

Being a freelancer you need to know which tool better for you to get the work done.
And here, I will share with you 6 essential online tools which will make you work smarter.

Nusii: – Nusii is online web based tool to design beautiful proposal for client. Nusii save us time, it looks so professional and creates the right impression to our prospective clients. Nusii helps design professionals win back billable hours by creating stunning proposals in less time. Gone are the days of messy Word documents, Indesign files, PDF’s and email conversations. Create online proposals quickly and get clients to sign off straight away. Freelancers must try it.

JobBliss;- JobBliss is the smart new way to connect top freelance advertising, development and design talent with employers. Qualified freelancers are quickly and simply matched to jobs with a frictionless combination of talent search and job scheduling, allowing employers to efficiently manage their need for flexible staffing, eliminate the middleman and connect them directly with ready-to-brief, ready-to-book, pre-vetted professionals.

Videolance: – Videolance is an online platform that connects members of the video community from around the world with each other and with businesses in need of their services. It helps businesses and individuals find and collaborate with professional freelance videographers.

Parolu :- parolu is cross-platform software that enables you to manage projects centrally and efficiently, both in-house and with external service providers. Keep track of your projects at all times. Cloud project management software for freelancers, agencies and SMEs. Integrate existing web services and apps into parolu: This turns parolu into a powerful centralized tool, enabling you to work on all of your projects seamlessly.
Client Instructor: – Client Instructor is a web-based tool for freelancers and agencies to easily train clients how to use their new website or application. Pre-written, easy-to-understand instruction content comes loaded for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Instruction content is automatically updated for each stable release. You can also create custom templates for proprietary software and custom CMS. Instruction guides are built as a web-based portal with an option for PDF, and are able to integrate directly to your client’s WordPress dashboard using our WP plugin.
Client instr
Boonle: – Boonle will be a thriving community of authors (those who post projects) and producers (freelancers) founded upon the simple principles of kindness and generosity.
Authors request favors on small-scale projects and producers donate their time to complete these projects on a first-come, first-serve basis. In return, authors leave appreciations, reviews, and tips allowing the producers to gain experience, build their skill set, earn a reputation, and turn a small profit.

These web apps and tool are very innovative designed for freelancers to work smarter. We will personally recommend you these innovative tools to let your customer pay you happily.