8 Websites That Are A Freelancer’s Best Friend

The freedom to the working hours and the possibility to select jobs dear to one’s own heart is the major attraction of freelancing. When we go for freelancing, we are in liberty to make up our own rules, away from all office politics and competitions. We can choose our own time table and work from anywhere we like. It offers flexibility to spend our time with friends and family. Sometimes, it is tedious to find a proper job with a good income. If we are serious about freelancing, there are numerous websites available to choose from. Here we can see eight great websites that may be helpful to land on some good jobs.

1. Upwork
Upwork is the advanced freelancing platform of former Elance-oDesk. This global freelancing platform offers room for businesses and independent professionals to relate and collaborate remotely. At the moment Upwork has more than nine million registered freelancers and over four million registered clients. Three million jobs, worth one billion USD are posted annually, turning it the world’s biggest freelancer marketplace. Through the platform of Upwork, clients can interview and hire freelancers or agencies. It collects 10% of the payment to the independent professional but there is no fee is charged from the job givers.
2. Guru
Guru.com is another huge freelance marketplace that links companies and freelancers. It offers companies to find freelance workers for hired work. This platform directly connects 160 different fields of employees and businesses. Guru.com promotes creative, technical and business projects and so delivers opportunities for freelance programmers, translators, writes, game developers, engineers, attorneys and so on.
3. iFreelance
iFreelance is another large network which connects freelancers and businesses. The prominent categories that include in the iFreelance network are marketing, videography, photography, traditional art, architecture, engineering, graphic design, writing, translation, accounting and administrative support. It is simple to set up an account in iFreelance and start searching for a project we like.
4. Freelancer
Freelancer is a network connecting job donors and freelancers. This platform is active since 2004 and it has a large number of followers. The major services offered through this network are web designing, marketing, data entry, writing along with many other things. It is a reliable and simple network for businesses to get their job done and free lancers to find out the jobs they prefer.
5. Pitch me
Pitch me a simple writing platform for journalists. If you are skilled and enthusiastic to put mark through the field of journalism, then you can simply try this. Numerous ideas are pitched on different topics- science, culture, fashion and so on. One can pitch as many ideas according to their taste. If someone is interested in those ideas, they will pay you to write it. Its set up is simple and you will get the at home feeling with this website.
6. Text Broker
This website provides a great platform for talented writers to get paid for their good works. It is simple and a rewarding website for writers to submit their work and receive its rewards. One need to create a free account initially and should complete a competency test which provides rating for you. If it goes well, you can complete the author profile and search for writing assignments suitable to your taste.
7. Fiverr
With Fiverr, we may trade our services opening at $5, which is the tagline and it is fairly precise. One can offer mainly anything according to their taste – create DIY projects or promotional videos, write and perform a poem, etc. Some basic categories offered through this platform are content writing and translation jobs, online marketing jobs, video and animation works, music creation, programing as well as graphic design.
8. Tutor
Tutor is a dais for interested freelancers to become an online tutor for children in military families, families with home-schooled children, and even schools. There are various subjects and different grade levels from which one can select. If you are an expert in a subject such as mathematics, English or science, you can proceed by passing through a few simple steps. Firstly, fill out an application form, then attend a subject exam and pass it. After that it requires to provide a writing sample and perform a mock session to test the teaching skills. Going through a background check also is mandatory before starting the work.
From these freelancing networks, one may be able to find out the job they seek. It is not easy to find the dream job in a simple try. It requires sufficient research and enough patience to go through the preliminary hurdles. Surely from one of these platforms, you can find out the job you are looking for. It will take some time to see some serious results, but freelancing can be a satisfying career if we are ready to search till we find the perfect platform and pace.