8 Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

8 Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

If you are responsible to provide excellent service to the customers of your business, it is high time to seek help of efficient software. Now days, there are numerous softwares available to make the management of businesses more effectively. Here are some excellent software for you to choose, if you wish to raise your business to the next level and further.

1. Freshdesk
Freshdesk offers brilliant helpdesk solution to everything you need to provide wonderful customer service. It manages all the customer conversations in one place from sources like email, phone or social media to enable you to offer quick and personal support to the customers. This software is simple to use and comes with a free trial so that you can get familiar and comfortable with it before you decide to purchase. It offers a modern and attractive enterprise with good attention to details. For a single user, it is free forever and when you grow, you can buy this software for a reasonable price. It works integrated with other services like Google Analytics or Salesforce. If you are serious about software, go for a trial and decide its worth by yourself.
2. Proonto
Proonto is a software which offers a marketplace of E-Commerce chat experts who are interested to provide online shoppers with an individual and apt customer service. Its marketplace allows online stores and brands to hire, manage and certify a team of remote online sales and service comrades according to requests, budget and products. This software helps to improve communication with customers, make the interaction more personal and effective which eventually increases purchases. The software platform shows the country of a visitor, his/her interest and more. This system automatically categorise visitors into three categories: Inbound, Traffic and Hot Leads and which helps you to build communication more effectively. It is a good website and designed in a perfect and attractive manner. The price of this software in 400$ per month and there is no trial version available.
3. Brand Embassy
Brand Embassy is a platform for customer service that helps business brands to deliver excellent customer support to their millions of customers. This software provides customer service on digital networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, blogs, chat, forums and self-care into one simple Social Customer Ecosystem. With this software handy, you will be able to offer excellent customer service for today’s intolerant social customers. It gives a free trial to make you get into the track. Its main features are alerts/escalation, automated routing, complaint monitoring, customer database, customer experience management, email integration, help desk, knowledge base, live chat, self-service portal, social media integration and so on.
4. LiveChat
Live Chat is a Help Desk Software helpful to manage your business. This software turns support teams into customer service rock stars. Customers always love answers to questions within seconds. With this software, one can win the hearts of customers with astonishing customer service. It also offers a free trial. It is easy to engage in live chats from your phone or laptop. The simplicity is the main attraction of this software.
5. SupportCenter Plus
SupportCenter Plus is customer service software with a specific focus on the effective management of customer interaction. It helps you to track and resolve customer problems swiftly, thereby supplying greater customer support and raising customer satisfaction to the next level. Free trial is available to familiarise this software. The major services offered by it are alert/escalation, appointment management, customer database, email integration, inbox/queue management, knowledge base, self-service portal, trouble ticketing and work order management.
6. ThoughtBuzz
This is another efficient social customer service platform. Being an intuitive interface, it helps you to navigate all incoming conversations from numerous social profiles in a single row. It is also useful to track conversations from blogs, forums and millions of other sources. With this software in handy, you will be able to take quick actions such as reply, assign or archive in addition to view crucial information about your social customer all at one place. They offer a free domo for this software, if you are interested. It is a best platform with all features and available for a reasonable price and possesses all the essential features that is required by anyone to get started with social media for business promotion.
7. Callinize
This software is good for Inside Sales, Call Centers and Customer Service. It can automatically logs calls in Salesforce, Insightly, SugarCRM, Infusionsoft and Close.io. Its major features are Click to dial, Call Tracking, Advanced Call Analytics Dashboard, and Gamification etc. It works with existing phone system and only takes merley 5 minutes to set up. A free trial is available for this software. Its major function is appointment management. Callinize
8. Blazedesk
This software offers an all in one solution for entrepreneurs with CRM, Project management, customer support and Invoicing in one platform. It is effective for multi-tasking. With this, it is very easy to manage numerous Clients, Estimates, Projects, Invoices and Payments of you effectively.
From the list of softwares given above, you can select the one you prefer or more than one to fulfil all of your requirements. If you could choose the best software suitable for your business, success is yours.