9 Content Marketing Apps to drive your traffic

9 Content Marketing Apps to drive your traffic


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To gain more traffic to your blogs and sites, it is extremely important to actually use different tools to achieve the same. There are different combinations of online tools, apps and software which can be used to generate traffic for your site.

Among all, apps are the most used as high as 89% of the time is spent using the media. Apps can be used to generate contents, automation of content distribution, improvement in site speed as well as make content marketing a lot fun and easier to do.

It is an established fact that blogging play a critical role in lead generation and to blog successfully, use of different tools and software is top most requirement.

Apps also offer opportunity to actually brand your contents and research again has proved that branded contents are more effective when it comes to user engagement and traffic.

So which apps you should use to actually gain traffic and increase your engagement? Here is a list of top 9 apps which can take your user engagement and traffic to next level.

Buffer is what you need if you are really serious about your blogging and wants to make it a super success.
For any content marketer, use of social media is a must tool for content marketers because customers and leads are generated from social media such as Facebook, twitter and Linkedin etc. According to Social Media Examiner as high as 83% of the marketers are of the view that social media is important for their success and 59% spend more than 6 hours each day.
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Buffer solved an important problem of scheduling your social media as it gives more control to the user and also allows to curate interesting contents to distribute.
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If you are on Twitter, facebook or other social media accounts, it is important for you to actually post however, you can’t remain awake for the whole night to follow a round the clock schedule. Buffer exactly solves this problem by allowing you to schedule your social media posts round the clock.

For a successful content marketer, reading is essential. You need to continue to read more and find interesting contents to share.

Pocket is an app, which can exactly help you in this way. When you find something interesting and want to read it later, you can bookmark it with Pocket and can read it on any device anywhere. It as simple as it is.

Signing up process is easy and with just few clicks you can either download the app on your iPhone, ipad or other Tablet PCs besides having a nice looking chrome or Firefox extension on your browser to mark any source for read it later on Pocket.

Reading is what makes a successful business leader a bigger success and for content marketer, Pocket can be a great source to read cutting edge new information for business growth and networking.
Sumall is all-in-one free software, which turns data into social information. Sumall is for everyone who wants to be serious about the social media and wants to become an expert social media manager, content marketer or digital marketer.

Sumall is especially great for documenting your social media strategy and get insights about your target audience if you are faced with limited budget.
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Google Doc Research Tool
Productive bloggers always use tools and technique, which can help them to reduce the time to research and still produce genuine high quality contents. Google Docs has the answer to this as they contain a built in research tool which allow bloggers to research the contents without actually logging to search engines or other sources.
High quality blog posts contain internal or external links, which can easily be included into the documents while still working on your post from within the Google Docs.
To use the research feature from within the Google Docs follow these steps:
1. Log into your google docs account and open the document sheet. Once on the sheet, click on the Tools Menu > Research
2. Click on the research Tab and a menu will appear allowing you to type in your research queries.
Word2Clean HTML
Blogging can actually generate significantly high amount of leads and inbound links however, it all depends upon how much content you generate. Content generation may not pay immediate dividends but if you stick with it, it will certainly generate tremendous amount of business potential for you.

Though MS Word and Google Docs are really cool tools to write your posts however, they are not perfect tools for wordpress. When you paste your posts in wordpress, they often contain spaces, broken links and other errors. To sort out such errors and to format your posts for publishing, Word2Clean HTML tool is really handy tool.
To use this tool, all you have to do is to copy and paste your contents into the HTML editor and it will turnout a nice clean HTML for you ready to be posted in wordpress.
Hemingway App
Hemingway makes it easier for you to make your writing bold and clear. Though this app is basic editing app however, it can easily help you to identify errors in your writing and also group them so that you can easily understand what needs to be fixed.
To use this app, all you have to do is to copy and paste your text and check your readability score. Lower the readability score the better. This app will identify the sentences, which you need to restructure and improve your writing.
Skitch is an amazing app from Evernote.Skitch can help you to be strategic with your writing and help you produce contents, which are specific and entertaining at the same time. To generate the leads though your contents has to be interesting and must provide value to your readers.
Despite knowing the content marketing drives value and business, many bloggers fail to generate enough traffic to achieve the desired results. Most obvious reason is that many bloggers actually attempt to present their posts and contents in similar manner.

Not all posts are created equal..
Sharing screen captures, drawing lines and sketches on the pictures and screen shots make posts lot easier to understand and interesting. To do this Skitch is the app, which can increase the value of your posts tremendously.
Skitch can help you add arrows, annotations and lines to your blog posts and they surely increase the value of your posts.

Interactive contents drive more leads and are considered as effective in engaging customers and visitors. Blogging has changed over the period of time and if your contents are plain and simple blog posts, you are surely going to lose customers with the passage of time.
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To keep your audience engaged, producing and sharing interesting contents is the key to success. Blog posts that generate leads also contain the element of interactivity within theme and blog posts, which are based upon case studies with interactive information, are the goldmines for content marketers.
ThingLink is the ideal app for you if you want to make your images clickable. ThingLink allows you to put multiple links and pictures together to create a seamless interactive experience for your readers.
Using ThinkLink will add more entertainment to your contents and if you really want to test the power of this app, visit this link.

If you are not a professional designer and want excellent graphics for your blog, Canva is your best friend.
Within few minutes you can design some really stunning images, which suit to different social media contents such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Canva CloudBooks
Your every customer is human first and as a human, he is also a visual being. He likes to see things visually and appreciate information, which is visually presented. Canva is your best tool to present information visually and without actually any effort on your part.
In custom designed canvas you can use images, backgrounds, text and other pictures to present visually appealing contents ready to be shared on any platform including your social media and blog posts.
Canva research suggests that for each 100 words, sharing one visual increases engagement.


Every blogger faces a choice between increasing blog traffic and improving engagement. I’m sure if you use above apps and services, you can easily achieve both the objectives.

Obviously you cannot achieve the results overnight and with poorly prepared contents, however, if you add more spice to your contents and make them interactive and interesting they are always going to generate more value for you.
Consistent focus on the contents duly supported by the use of these apps can take your engagement and blog traffic to new level. You need to be consistent and focused to achieve the results.