Changing Strategies of Search Engine Optimization

Changing Strategies of Search Engine Optimization
The introduction of Google Panda, Penguin, Humming bird along with several major and minor updates that occur all around the year have changed all the perspective of working on search engine optimization. These new algorithms of Google have affected more than 40% of strategies in SEO that one used to perform for the best result in search engines. Other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and have also slowly started updating their algorithms to have better search results. Being a SEO personal it is vital to work with the changing algorithms of major search engines.

With the passage of time, the search engines want to provide the most accurate result in their SERPs and for that they introduce several updates at regular intervals that focus more on quality contents, backlinks, promotion in social media and other activities. For instance, Google’s Panda Update is designed to make sure that only good quality websites are ranked higher in its search results. It gives importance to those websites that are unique, user friendly and are having fresh contents. Thus, with the introduction of these latest algorithms one must need to change their SEO strategies that help the website to maintain the ranking and restrict it from being penalized.

These changes in the SEO strategies have been more in the last 2-3 years and the main reason for these drastic changes are the growing spammers who use illegal or black hat methods to rank their websites above the one that actually meets the user requirements. The best example is announcement of Google in which it indicates the restriction of excess of forums and directory submission to gain backlink strength. The latest one includes Guest blogging which it does not gives a high priority which it used to give some years ago.

Here, we are describing some important strategies in SEO that are still helping to improve the websites ranking –

• Content is the foremost priority in most of the search engine updates. Google started giving importance to those websites that are having fresh, original and unique content. Thus, being a search engine optimizer one need to have a talented content write who can write keeping its audience in the mind.

• Although article submission, forum posting, guest blog posting, and creating lenses have lost their importance in the period of time but still they are among the options to generate fresh content for website to get higher rank in SERPs.

• Nowadays, social media is emerging as the best platform to boost up website’s popularity. One can also take advantages of increasing popularity of different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and several others. One should always prefer to post fresh and unique contents on the pages and groups of social media for getting higher popularity by likes, comments and share by the audience which indirectly helps to achieve better ranking in search engine pages.

• User friendly website is also an important aspect of SEO. In its latest update Google made it clear that sites that are responsive will have higher rankings compared to those who are not. The website should have easy navigation for making it easy to browse by users.

Although there are several other techniques too, but if the above mentioned strategies are implemented in the best way then they are enough to yield traffic and improvement in search rankings.