Dance with the Dunes in Dubai

If there is one thing that locals, residents, and tourists swear by in Dubai, then it is the desert safari. The desert is an important part of the city’s history; it is here where the Arabs first lived before they moved to the city. While you would hardly find any tribes living in the desert, the Arabs have not forgotten the dessert entirely. You can still experience the vast and mysterious desert with the desert safari. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the desert, the desert safari gives you the chance to have some adrenaline-rushing moments and a whole lot of fun too.

Desert Safari: Types
The first thing you need to consider the type of desert safari you want to go for. Dubai offers morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari. The morning desert safari involves only adventure activities, while the evening desert safari gives you the opportunity to indulge in both adventure and entertainment. Moreover, the overnight desert safari is an extension of the evening desert safari and gives you the chance to spend a night in the desert. Check out all the options and choose one that matches your requirements and interests.
What Happens at the Desert Safari?
As the evening desert safari is the most popular, we would talk about it in detail here.

Reaching the Desert
Most tour companies include transportation in the Dubai desert safari tours. A 4×4 vehicle would arrive at your residence or hotel to pick you up. After a 45 minutes drive, you would reach the outskirts of the city, where you would be able to treat your eyes to the endless desert areas.
Dune Bashing
Once you reach the desert, your driver would take a break to release some pressure from the tires of the vehicle. Then begins the most adventurous activity of the desert safari: dune bashing. Buckle up your seatbelts and hold onto your seats for a ride that is nothing less than a rollercoaster. While the desert safari is everyone, little children, pregnant women and people with heart ailments should avoid dune bashing.

At the Desert Camp
After your dune bashing session, you would be driven to the desert camp, where more fun activities await you. You would be welcomed with some drinks and refreshments. Stroll around the camp to check out some interesting activities like henna painting, holding a falcon on your arm and even dressing up in Arabic traditional dress.
Adventure Activities
Dune bashing is not the only adventurous thing that happens during the desert safari. On the other hand, there are several more exciting activities happening at the desert camp. Here, you get to ride a camel, try your balance with sandboarding and enjoy a fun ride on the quad bike. Some desert camps also offer a buggy ride on the dunes.

Gorgeous Sunset
While the activities at the desert are fun, do not miss one of the best things of the desert, i.e. the sunset. The setting sun disperses a golden hue on the sand dunes, giving it a gorgeous look. This is the perfect time to get some amazing photos clicked.

Dancing and Fun
As the sun sets and it gets dark, the desert camp comes alive with some wonderful performances. You would get to watch professional dancers dancing to the tunes of some striking Arabic music. You would get to see Tanoura dancing and belly dancing performances at the desert camp. Do not forget to try smoking a shisha or hookah while enjoying the dance performances.

BBQ Dinner
One of the highlights of a desert safari is undoubtedly the BBQ dinner. The buffet dinner includes the choicest dishes of both local and international cuisines. It has equal amounts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that people with both food preferences can enjoy dinner at the desert.
After the desert, you would be taken back to your hotel or residence in the same SUV that you came in. There is no dune bashing at the end of the tour.

Tips for Desert Safari in Dubai
Wear comfortable cotton clothes for your desert safari.
Do not forget to wear your sunglasses and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
Carry a jacket or stole, as it tends to get chillier in the desert after sunset.
It is best to wear open shoes or flipflops, as it is easier to clean if sand goes in.
Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Dubai desert safari is available at various budgets, starting from the most basic ones to the most lavish ones. You can choose ones as per your budget and other requirements.