Easy Invoicing tips


Your invoices are part of the way you communicate with your customers so making sure they look good is important.

It’s easy to create professional, branded invoices in CloudBooks. We’ve set up a few templates to get you started. Just choose a template design, insert a logo and you’re all set up!

Sending the invoice

You can send invoices by email directly from your CloudBooks account and then view the history – so you can see what emails (including reminders and thank yous) have been sent. You can even tell if the emails were received by the customer, which may prove useful (not that your customers would ever deny receiving invoices, of course).

If you prefer you can always create a pdf to attach via another email provider or you can print it and give it to the postman.

Getting paid quickly & saving time

CloudBooks lets you set up automated email invoices so you don’t have to worry about chasing payments. You can set up:

    1.New invoices to send on a specified date/time
    2.Reminders to slow paying customers
    3.Thank you notes for when you have received payment
    4.Make it easy for customers to pay you – include your bank details on invoices, and if you have a PayPal account include a clickable link.

If you have any questions on invoicing or anything else you would like to talk through get in touch with our super-friendly Support Accountants:
Email: support@CloudBooksapp.com