Email Marketing Tips – 6 Quick Tips for Success

Going to share six email marketing tips and best practices for when to send an email and a few more golden nuggets.

We know marketing, can be highly effective or highly ineffective depending on how you execute. So let’s talk about some tips about how you can execute excellently so you can crush it with your campaigns.

1: Delivering value

This is important for anything but always start with value. Make sure you’re delivering value with every email that you send. The recipient should see value in these emails because if they don’t, what’s going to happen is they’re going to unsubscribe or worse yet, they’re going to mark it as spam. So make sure that every email delivers some value to that user and they should also know who you are. If they get an email and they don’t know necessarily who it’s from, they’re probably going to unsubscribe or hit, “Spam.” You want to avoid that. So they should know who you are and they should see value in every email. If you start there, you’re always going to find success.

2: Keep it simple.

A lot of people are looking at their emails on their phones, so make sure the email looks good on the phone. What we recommend is a nice hero banner with your main call to action and then just little blurps in the email with headlines that link to more information, link to your website, link to your landing pages, to your social sites, that kind of thing. But keep it brief in the email. You shouldn’t really have more than probably a hundred words worth of content, so stick to the, “Wow lines,” we call it, throughout the email and start it off with a real nice hero image design that catches your eye and makes sure that’s mobile-friendly so that that can shrink down on the mobile phone and still be readable and look good.

3: Subject line.

The subject line is what people see initially. This is really what’s going to entice them to open the email or not. So make sure that it’s a catchy subject line and also keep it short. You want to keep it from 30 to 50 characters or so, and the reason being is because, on mobile phones where most people are checking their email, that’s about all the real estate that you have. More than that, it truncates the subject lines so they can’t read the rest of it. So put the meat of your subject line in that first 30 to 50 characters and have it catchy so that they’re enticed to actually open the email and see what you got.

4: Best days to send.

The best day studies show is Tuesday, the second-best day is Thursday, and the third-best day is Wednesday. So I think we have a theme going here. It’s the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are the best days to send where people open the emails and engage at the highest rate.

5: Better times to send

If you serve a B2B audience, the best time to send is actually 6:00 AM. By sending it at 6:00 AM, it’s the top of their inbox when they show up to work. So that helps your email be a little bit more effective. If you’re sending it to a general consumer audience, you’re going to probably have better effects at 10:00 AM. 10:00 AM is what studies show is most effective. If it’s a younger demographic or a demographic that’s more engaged in the evening times, 8:00 PM is the best time to send it. So sending at those times may show that you have better analysis and better data, better open rates and better engagement. So give it a shot.

6: Analyze the data

Every time you send a campaign, look at the data, what percentage [inaudible 00:03:33] it? How did they interact with it? Were there high rates of unsubscribers? Which time did you send it? Which day did you send it? Test different things. Try different things. After the course of sending many emails, you’ll really dial in really the best day for you, the best time for you and some of the best subject lines and email content that drive the best results. So always look at the data. You can’t make changes unless you know what changes to make and the data tells you that.