Five Ways a Time-Tracking Software Can Help Grow Your Business


Every business has a time sheet regime that they hope to adhere to. Most business are paying more than necessary due to exaggerated hours on time sheets. Time tracking software aims to correct undue timesheet entries. This is not to say that your employees are dishonest but it is a simple human tendency to make such errors. A lot of your employees and clients can over estimate the hours the put in, and there are a few underdogs who will under estimate. Either way, you are losing out on the accuracy.

1. Pay your Employees Correctly
2. Make Accurate Estimates
3. Manage Efficiently
4. Compare and Grow
5. How can you Improve?

Pay your Employees Correctly
Every employee has a somewhat correct estimate of how long a team project took. But compile all that and you’ll find a number that is way off the mark. You get a certain amount funding sanctioned for every project and managing that can be tricky if you don’t keep tabs on what your employees are doing. Using a time tracking software can fiercely enable your team with appropriate time logging. Time tracking software free of charge can allow your employees to take into account the work they have done. And get it billed correctly for their own salary and for your clients. This is an especially helpful feature for contractual employees.

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Make Accurate Estimates
What’s the point of working so hard to make good projects, and deliveries on time if you are not even getting paid for what you do. A time tracking software can empower you to make estimates true to the work that you put in as an organization. This is done by making AI backed analysis on your previous work logs and time sheets. You can compile any kind of project with the tasks and the works that go into completion and use a time tracking software to adjust your quotes and estimates. Further, you can link these estimates with your invoicing software for accurate billings.

Manage Efficiently
All things said and done, it is not the easiest job to supervise technically sophisticated employees. Most employees feel judged, and have a sense of privacy invasion every time a manager goes in for a check. You can avoid the unnecessary friction with even a free time tracking software. As it displays the status of the job right on the work desk as you login the next morning. So you have all the vital information you need to keep everyone in check through valuable metrics of tasks performed, hours put in, overall productivity score etc. And this can be managed on the individual level and bird’s eye view. The best part is, most time tracking software are cross platform so you can have a look right on the app.

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Compare and Grow
If you are constantly missing deadlines, and feeling overwhelmed with projects and daily tasks. Obviously, you are doing something wrong. Sit back and analyze where you are going wrong. This is where a time tracking software can be of the utmost help to your organization. Time tracking software allow you to compare your performance over time, with powerful metrics. They allow you to strategize every project using the previous data and the new goal inputs. So you can measure on a project to project basis, the score of your performance.

How can you Improve?
This is the question most organizations ask themselves at the end of every quarter. The most amount of money invested in any business is in its strategic planning. But, time tracking is the cheapest, most strategically advanced tool you need to figure this out. Unlike a real time manager, a time tracking software is ruthless in its judgment of your performance. Get access vital reports, analytics, monitored timelines to strategize. Using a time tracking software, perform productivity audits and pin point the areas you are lagging.