Give Your Prospect Three Options to Say Yes to Working with You

Give Your Prospect Three Options to Say Yes to Working with You

Hi reader’s. I want to give you some ideas on how to better negotiate contracts with your clients. When you’re selling services particularly, but it also works when you’re selling products. The idea is that when someone comes to you and wants to buy your services, they usually want the high end of everything that you can do for them, for the absolute lowest price. Of course, that doesn’t make sense, because it we’re going to give them premium or maximum services, we want to be paid for that. We want to be paid fairly for that. One of the problems is that when you offer a customer an opportunity to do work with you and you’re saying, “I’ll give you this maximum level of service,” and they start beating you down on price to get a real discount price for that, sometimes if you need the work, you’re willing to do that and you’re selling yourself short.

Instead, why not give that customer the option between different levels of service that you provide, so that when you provide the maximum level of services, everything that they would want, that’s going to come with a premium fee. If they want a discount fee, something on the minimum, you want to make sure that you scale down the amount of services that you’re providing them. They can’t have everything if they’re willing to only pay a discount fee. Give them an opportunity to choose between your maximum level of service for a particular project, something in the middle, or even a lower end group of services. Not that you’re providing poor services, but you’re limiting the number of services that you’re going to make available to them. If they can’t afford to pay for everything that you could do for them, then offer them a set of services that they can afford.

More often than not, what you’ll find when you give them the three opportunities here, three opportunities to say, “Yes, I’ll do business with you,” rather than, “yes I will,” or, “no I won’t.” Let’s have some multiple opportunities to work together, but when we do this and we don’t sell ourselves short, we’re selling our services, we’re selling the value that we bring to the table, and we expect to be paid fairly for that. If you offer them these three choices, if truly their budget can afford it, at least you can work together, but you’re not providing more than you should for the level of service that they’re willing to pay for. Always think about that. Give them three choices, three ways to say, “Yes, I want to do business with you.” It makes a lot of sense. You won’t sell your services short, and more often than not, you’ll end up on one of these first two, rather than discounting your services and ending up on the short end of the stick.