Why Google gives priority to websites having quality content?

Why Google gives priority to websites having quality content?
Everyone who uses Google for their everyday searches will agree that the search engine provides high priority to quality content websites than the quantitative ones. With the algorithms like Penguin and the older Panda, Google is aiming at increasing the rank of the websites with unique and high quality content. This is why many high quality sites such as Wikipedia ranks among the top 3 in most of the searches. In the same tone, in certain searches, other sites with high quality content would be in a higher rank than Wikipedia too (considering organic search positions only).

There are several reasons why the ranking of websites based on quality content have become the need of today’s online promotion. Here we have elaborated some of the important points that justify that quality content are the integral part of website and cannot be ignored in any way to get good rank in Google and other top search engines.

Some of them are –

High Quality Search Engine

Though it seems that Google has almost a clear monopoly about the quality, it strives hard in creating a high quality search engine for its viewers. Google does not want irrelevant sites with no valid information to be placed in the first page just because the site has a high keyword density. The main aim of Google is to satisfy the needs of the customers within the first few searches or at least within the first page.
Cookie ID for personalized search results

Google uses devices cookie ID for ranking and also for providing personalized services to its customers. For instance, if a site is browsed by a lot of senior citizens, it would attach its cookie to all senior citizens who visits the page. Thus, when another random senior citizen searches for similar service, the site would be comparatively in the top searches.

Focus on User Search Experience

Whatever Google does in terms of quality, its main objective is to deliver the best user experience possible to its audience so that they do not lookout for other alternative search methods. To be ahead of the competitors it works hard and keep changing the design, feasibility and ease of access in order to give great search experience to people.

Google rank the sites and place them according to the informative and usefulness to the users in its search algorithm. It uses quality content, link quality and other elements to determine the particular rank of the site where it will be appearing in its search results. Thus, quality content is more essential than quantity.
Gone are the days where you can just pile up your keyword without any relevant information or duplicate the content from your own site or others to increase the keyword density. With the new Penguin update, Google has become more austere in terms of high quality content. Google does not worry about the size of the content. All that matters for this search engine giant is, ‘HIGH QUALITY CONTENT’ which is relevant to your website.