Is your business on Google Plus; if not, think again!

google plus

google plus

Most likely you have used a product of Google, for your business, such as Gmail to manage your email, the Blogger platform to develop your corporate blog, the Google Maps listings to your business in the online map many more.. Google is everywhere around us.

Survey of 2014 classifies Google+ is in the 2nd place after Facebook, and the statistics are indeed impressive and promising: more than 500 million people are enrolled in Google+ and approximately ⅔ of them are active users.

As this platform increases the impact and popularity, it is important to understand the value they can gain your business, if you utilize Google+ correctly:

1. Smart placement in search results
The pages of the search results of Google have radically changed the manner presented and recommended a brand online. When the user is looking for a company in the search engine Google, together with the known information that will appear as the company name, a brief description, the location of the map, pictures and contact details, plus can monitor the activity of the company on Google Plus. Therefore, the results page is the start of the presentation and knowledge of your business with your audience.

2. Best brand engagement
The features in Google Plus with Google Hangouts and Communities are limitless!
With Google Hangouts, businesses have the ability to make video calls, to host virtual meetings or transmit live events (e.g. Concerts, lectures, shows, etc.). You can use Hangouts to develop the reputation of your business and lead the competition with an innovative and effective way!

The Communities are communities of people who share common interests, such as: food, music, shopping, art and countless others, discuss online, share ideas, knowledge and experiences. Use of this important opportunity to hear your audience, to get new ideas and discover new areas of activity.

3. Better performance in marketing activities
If you advertise your online business by using the platform Google AdWords online advertising you are on a track!

When businesses that advertise with AdWords, activate social labels (social annotations) in their creatives, the percentage of users who see the ad and clicks (CTR – Click Through Rate) increased by 5% -10%.

It is very likely that your customers are on Google Plus. Your activity on social media can be a valuable message to all and help you to increase the ranking of your business in search results of Google. Do not lose this opportunity; it’s time to use one of the most powerful tools online!