What are #hashtags and how to use them properly?


For beginners on social networks, Hashtag can be a nebulous thing. If you want to develop your digital presence, shed light on this tool and understand the use will be of great help. Indeed, Hashtags can help create a stronger and more focused engagement with your prospective customers or subscribers on social networks.

What is a Hashtag?
The hashtag is a keyword preceded by the # symbol that people use in their publications on social networks. They allow other users to access content that contains the words keyword, without necessarily being “friend” or “follower” of the person who uses it. In USA now: suppose you want to buy a iPhone5. If you enter # iPhone5 in the search bar of Twitter, you will discover in real time all the network’s Tweets that mention Chirping smartphone model.

How to Use Hashtags?
If your profile is public, every person who shares your interests will be able to see your publications based on hashtags you use. Your posts are no longer limited to users in your community but can reach thousands of subscribers, fans and potential customers. It is therefore essential to make the best choices to maximize the impact of your publications.

Creating an effective Hashtag
To create a Hashtag, simply add the # symbol at the beginning of the keyword that you want to attract attention. The location of the Hashtag in the body of the message does not matter: it will appear in the same way it is at the beginning, middle or end of the publication. Some package it in the beginning to give him the chance of first impression, others prefer to introduce naturally in the message to keep the flow of the text, while still others place their hashtag at the end to give “suite” to their publication.

Too long Hashtag as #LesHashtagsLongsPortentBonheur will have little chance to prosper, especially on Twitter, where messages are limited to 140 characters. In general, the microblogging network of blue bird, it is recommended not to use more than 3 hashtags. Instagram On the other hand, the ideal is to turn around 5. Just be sure to use only the relevant hashtags, clear and concise.

Different types of hashtags to promote
Hashtags content: content Hashtags are keywords that are a natural part of your message. They help develop the expressions that draw attention to your particular publication. For example, if you own a shop of ready-to-wear in the 12th in Paris during sales, it will be wise to use Hashtags #Mode and #Paris (or # Paris12) in your publications. Those interested in these keywords and will access directly to your messages.

Hashtags trend: social networks and Twitter in particular owe their success, in large part, to fashion trends and news that make the buzz, because of the immediacy intrinsically linked to their nature. Current issues are always plenty tweeted, creating trends. By using these hashtags, you benefit from the exposure of the ongoing conversation and you ensure optimal visibility. Please note however that your publications provide real added value in order not to don the role of the spammer. Bring a constructive information or a funny message and you will probably be retweeted generously. This is the secret of a well-crafted tweet.

You would not miss any tendency on your local news? This tool will change your life.
Hashtags brand: the only drawback of the previous two tips, is that your tweets can escape the people who follow you. The endless stream of messages related to the popular hashtags requires special attention to your subscribers and fans who want to follow your news. A useful tip is to create your own hashtags. This will allow you to retain your audience but also strengthen your brand. Many renowned brands make use of hashtags is to set trends with specific hashtags or simply to enhance their reputation

Now you know all about hashtags. Start their potential today!