Important Tips to Protect Your Business Documents

The IBM Cyber Security Report estimates an yearly $2 million loss for small businesses in financial damages due to cyber security attacks. Since your sensitive business documents are at risk, here a few tips to protect your valuable data

Every day you store gigabytes of sensitive business information on your local server.If somebody catches hold of that data,they have the power to completely hijack your business. You need to protect sensitive documents in a way that your organization can access the data without compromising its security. Most organizations are so focused on securing their research and sales information that they forget about invoices –the most vulnerable documentation in the business today.It is not enough to secure it with a password, you need to have a dedicated and secure invoicing software.

With that in mind, here are a few effective ways to keep your business documents safe.

Know your weaknesses
Organizationsthat use multiple tools on a daily basis to manage their cash flow and client details are compromising their cyber security. With no attention to online hygiene, your sensitive business documents are bound to be insecure. If you are still using MS Excel for invoicing, then you are in for a major cyber security attack. However,you can secure your business and client data with an online invoicing software. The technology not only allows you to customize your invoices butgives all the project management tools your organization needs under one roof.For small business owners, invoicing software provides a robust and secure platform through which they can start billing without worrying about the data leaks.

The Cloud protection
Even with secure connections, your data can be leaked to parties of ill-intent, much to the dismay of the clients. You can never trust your local server to be a 100% secure. And that is why you should shift to cloud storage as soon as possible. A good and dedicated cloud storage not only manages your data efficiently without cluttering your local server, but also provides you security against frequent cyber-attacks. Most cloud serviceoffer a dedicated storage with a layered password protection model, which restricts access, and in turn, protects your sensitive documents. Cloud service providers (like CloudBooks) offer a centralized secure channel that use encryption algorithms and run constant data monitoring to keep your sensitive informationsafe. And the best part is, you can access your files virtually anywhere on the planet.
Data backups

It is important to keep data backups for unforeseen times. If you lose your data without maintaining a data backup, you lose your business. Hence, it is highly recommended that you perform periodic backups on your data and maintain a healthy copy at all times. This is obviously a tedious task and performing it periodically can take a toll on your productivity and balance sheet. Online invoicing software use SSL encryption to protect your data in case of a loss or missing link. This is known as an offsite backup where a third party handles your data on a cloud-based server. These services make regular backups and secure the data automatically. You can also link your onsite or local server to offsite database at any given time to load any new or missing files. Not only it is convenient and accessible but also fully secure. Offsite backups offer application level data protection which means your backup cannot be accessed through external indexing, as all your files are private by default.

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