Increase the scope on Facebook – 4 Methods


Are you one of those who has realized that we must reverse the situation and return to increase the scope on Facebook? What’s happened? In recent years almost all companies have pushed hard to get “likes” (Likes) in their Fanpages Facebook. From a legal way or sometimes not so legal. But after a steady race to increase that blissful number of “likes”, is the world’s largest social network changed the algorithm months ago.

What this change means?
4 Methods to increase the extent to Facebook

Get more scope on Facebook
Well this means that the extent to Facebook publications has dropped drastically. According to various studies on the subject on the Internet, only approximately 2% and 5% of all the fans of a company or brand can get to see now published. Other sources speak of a somewhat higher percentage.

Surely now you ask me, and what I do with my Fanpage? Is it worth investing time and money if only perhaps as low% of Fans that I have seen my updates?

In response I would say, is now better to remain active in Facebook for the following reasons:
• Facebook is still by far the social network with the largest number of active people (1.3 billion).
• Many people assume to find your company on social media and seek it there.
• If after time you’ve finally gotten a number of followers who are important to you, do not give up. Or do what you can afford no more?
• If you have a personal account on Facebook and stay connected, it may cost you some time and effort to maintain a Fanpage. Maybe even post content on your website automated way that business page.

Once I made the decision to be present or to continue with an active Fanpage, it makes sense to try to increase the scope (or call reach) on Facebook. And to reverse the current situation given these and other constant changes introduced by the company of Mark Zuckerberg, I recommend applying the following 4 methods:

1. Greater scope on Facebook when more participation.
Those with greater interaction and participation with your brand or company, are most publications will be yours in the Newsfeed. This interaction is a variable of “likes”, comments published regarding an update and publication sharing with others. Facebook rewards greater affinity for the company with the fact that a fan can see more updates. But it seems the “Like” less important, albeit slowly.

2. Post when it matters.
If you have access to the statistics of your company page should verify that day and that hour your Posts (updates or publications) have been seen. Post when more people are online, because the posts are usually only a few hours visible on the wall. In contrast, the greater involvement of a person with a service, longer exposure on the wall will (due to its affinity), if only a matter of hours.

This is important especially for the new fans you have.

3. Participate in groups.
In your personal profile you have the option to participate in existing groups or create one yourself.

Groups are an important part of Facebook and serve to meet and interact with others. If you are actively participating in a group without being the typical salesperson, you have many options to get some other follower also for your Fanpage. Should choose a related group activity or interest of your company.

Note that a given group can be public or private access.

4. I was active in other Fanpages.
Monitors other Fanpages with lots of activity and traffic that are relevant to your brand or business. Leave helpful comments and answers to questions from other users on behalf of your company page. Interact with others. Sure more then one visit your Fanpage and you can acquire new fans.

Other comments:

For other tactics and ideas, go here to other keys to a good marketing on Facebook.

Also consider if you decide to remove the Fanpage:

Besides the worst (best) there is already a link or icon of this social network included in the business card (back to change it with the cost), remove the link to the website itself (it is in principle as of less), and also remove the sticker social media in the shop window (yes is easy to fix), etc.

Views on the lower reaches on Facebook:

Many are the voices that argue that the social network now claims that companies advertise because their publications no longer have the scope on Facebook before, much less.
Instead the US company indicates that increasingly more importance to publications that add value to the user. This means that the content is useful and interesting to the target audience.
It is likely that the day comes that any brand or company have to pay X amount to be present in social media.

What other clues or suggestions you happen to increase the extent to Facebook and reverse the current situation of your company in this network?