List of The Best Free Invoice Software for Creatives


Simple invoice software can literally transform the business of artists, mapping out their career in the long run. There are many free invoicing tools available for creatives in the market today. For a freelancer, who struggles to put together six to seven invoices every month, this tool can be a game-changer. Most creatives use excel sheets to maintain records and keep track of the incomplete payments. However, there is a better way to do these things. With a free invoicing software, they can easily create invoices and take the pain out of the process.

Here is a list of the best invoice software that will allow you to create professional invoices. All these tools will help you scale up for your one-man business. Let’s take a look at them –

1. CloudBooksApp
2. Wave Accounting
3. Invoicera
4. Brightbook
5. ReliaBills

CloudBooksApp is a free and easy-to-use invoicing software that will greatly benefit the freelancers. You can easily keep track of your projects using this tool. Additionally, it also allows you to track time so you know how many hours you have worked on a project. This will allow to you bill your clients accurately. This software lets you send professional invoices, automate payment reminders and accept card payments online. Another great thing about CloudBooksApp is that you can produce invoices that look 100% credible and professional. All in all, a great deal for zero dollars out of your pocket.

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Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting is another invoicing software that creatives can choose for advanced invoicing. Its free plan allows you to manage unlimited numbers of invoices for large number of clients. It manages all your invoices, with expense tracking making sure every billable lands directly on your invoice. This is particularly important for creatives, who are struggling with many clients every month and looking for a slightly advanced invoicing software. Although, Wave has a slightly advanced user interface, aimed at bookkeepers, but it is easy enough to be used by freelancers, who are looking for a wholesome accounting software. The best part is Wave offers a purchasable payments interface for you to process payments directly through the invoice.

Invoicera is an invoicing software that not only covers the needs of a freelancer but also offer additional features for those looking to scale up their business. The features include unlimited time tracking, analytics reporting, profit and loss statements. You can manage all your recurring payments through Invoicera without having to lift a finger. Invoicera as of now, only offers three clients in its free pack. However, you can customize your invoices for each client. Additionally, you get around thirty payment gateways to plug in your bank account details directly on your invoice.

Brightbook is a free invoicing software with an easy-to-use interface. With this, creatives and freelancers can produce professional looking invoices with a click of a button. Brightbook is known for its insightful analytics and reporting feature. It allows you to import your banking statements and build instant reports on your profit and loss statements for every month. You can use this tool to give selective access to your team on your invoicing channel.

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ReliaBills is a sophisticated invoicing software for creatives and freelancers. It helps them build last-minute invoices quickly. It has a free plan with which you can create unlimited invoices, send emails to your clients and create recurring invoices. The drawback is that you have to upgrade to premium to be able to accept payments. All in all, it is a great invoicing software for beginners.