Not Sure if You Should go for Cloud Invoicing Software? These Reasons will Convince You


It is not easy to invest in an additional software for business operations. And it is not just about the investment but the integration, the functioning, and the impact it will initially have due to delay of processing.

But what if we told you, there is a cloud invoicing software that will seamlessly integrate into your current operations and make your life at work easier than ever before?

How, you ask? Let’s dive right into it.

Revolutionize the way you get paid
Do you still have many pending or long overdue payments you don’t know how to approach? Do you realize that these build upon as liabilities for your business in the long run? To the point where you will just have to forget about these and move on.

With a simple free invoicing software you can generate invoices the way your clients like it. This means you can offer multiple payment channels, set up alerts on dues and further alerts on overdue payments.

You can periodically notify your clients about upcoming payments and include a possible charge when they miss the deadline on the invoice. All these are simple means to get paid quicker.

You can give your clients everything they need within the frame of a simple invoice generated via the cloud through a cloud based invoicing software. You’ll be surprised how you can invoke quick action through invoices shared via the cloud.

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Simplify your transactions
Not only is it super easy to generate invoices via the cloud, but it is also exceedingly easy to share these invoices. More than just generating invoices manually every day, you can use a cloud invoicing software to automate invoicing.

Surely, you may have had recurring transactions for clients whom you have worked for on elaborate projects or smaller scale project. Creating fresh invoices for such services can be tedious. So, for basic transactions that involve little to no changes, you can set up recurring invoices using an invoicing software online.

Instant invoicing
Of all the things accounting departments despise at work, last minute changes top the list. Why wouldn’t they, considering the amount of number crunching and complicated paperwork they are supposed to keep track of in accounting and bookkeeping.

And at the last minute if your client wants a little more from you, and is willing to pay for an additional task, do you really want to decline because your invoices have been already generated? Or do you want to pressurize your already overworked accounting team?

Just download a cloud invoicing software and make last minute changes on professional-looking invoices in seconds through your mobile phone. All the data you need can be accessed from anywhere at any time since it is all stored on the cloud.

Securing your data
Speaking of the cloud, has your accounting department ever lost data files? Have you seen how hard accountants work to keep files intact and the blunder that may occur even if one single receipt is lost? You can avoid all that by using a free invoicing software.

Cloud based invoicing software stores all your transactional data over the cloud on secure servers. And you get complete control over who gets to access your financial data within your own team. Further, you can set up multiple backups to make sure you never lose important data. This means you don’t have to waste money on buying a server of your own.

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Seamless integration
The best thing about cloud based invoicing software is its ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing business operations at every step of the way.

Hope these reasons convince you to switch. You can also download CloudBooks that offers a 30-day free trial to check if suits your needs.