Prioritize keywords and content | Steps to optimize your website


With limited for professionals and small businesses or resources, and much should prioritize keywords and content for the presence and optimization of a website in this competitive world. Without good and right choice of keywords (keywords) is almost impossible to optimize the content you want to make visible on the Internet. And without a good value no visibility into the network. Just do not get people who are interested in a certain product, service or solution that we can offer.

Not everyone can afford to hire a consultant or a marketing agency. Or just do not want someone takes them outside of online marketing topics for whatever reason. In this case self has to find ways for successful application of marketing as a whole.

But what options do we have? One possibility, and really important is to prioritize keywords and content we publish on our website or blog.

But how can we do so to our website to get more organic traffic? What steps should you follow? If the structure of your site is well defined, everything that follows will be easier. A good analysis you may also indicate the need to redo the menu categories or odd page, article or post.

1. Choose important sections of the website.
Input should first select the paragraphs of your URL’s important to you and your business. Especially if you have a fairly extensive website.

2. Select content or products to prioritize.
In the section (category) important for your page, choose the content, specific service or product value, or profit margin will bring you to get increase visits to that page. This once you’ve finished prioritize keywords and content.

In my case it is referred to redesign the content regarding the comprehensive reforms.

3. Analyzes and determines the keywords.
With this first selection (see points 1 and 2) we can use for example a free tool that is the planner keywords (keyword planner) of Google. But for this you need an Adwords account.

If you have access to Adwords, you can conduct general searches of both category and content first. Identify and record the total results for a particular word or words.

Annotation: If you are looking for or want to try a payment tool for search engine optimization strategy, SEMrush is a good choice.

Then compare these data with real data, the statistics of your website. You should have at least Google Analytics you’ll find in Google Webmaster Tools. Scan to content with that keyword is in terms of SEO below for results regarding searches.

The more a particular word searches are performed by another in a given space of time and fewer visits have your content related to that word, the more need there is for proper optimization to reverse the situation.

However it can also happen that the analysis of keywords (keywords) offers other valid own tracks. Tracks best options to start optimizing. But in any case we must first investigate the existing keywords and best to know which areas to prioritize for content optimization.

Once made the first overall pick, a deeper understanding of the keywords analysis will be required and thereby further to optimize the content areas are likely to be identified. And so on.

4. Apply the keywords with corresponding content.
After the analysis made, we must incorporate the relevant keywords and their variations found the relevant existing content. That in the event that certain page do not render well.

Surely have found new keywords that can help us to change or adjust the current content and thus optimize it. Find words or short phrases in which neither we thought. We can also write new content with one or two keywords maximum new.

Another issue – but not covered in this article, is the importance of the density of keywords within a specific content and distribution thereof.

It is true that sometimes we do not know whether we have really chosen entry point or correct to optimize content. It is therefore important to have tools to perform a good and proper study to prioritize keywords and web content. Anyway it is recommended that you do a scan every 6-12 months to see the behavior of users. There may be a variation in the results of searches carried out, whether in the form of words or short phrases.

No serves simply to have a visually appealing web. It is necessary to prioritize keywords and content to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and thus achieve increase website hits. Who does not need to get the most performance possible? But for some digital marketing is an extensive task.