Think Strategically For Business Success

Think Strategically For Business Success
Think Strategically
Hi reader’s Suraj here, with a chess piece in my hand, it’s a king. The chess piece reminds me of how important it is for us to have a strategy in how we run our business. I like to play chess and I always look for opportunities to do it, but you know, every time I ask somebody “Would you like me to play me a game of chess,” the answer’s almost always the same, “No thanks, I don’t really care to play chess,” and I go “Why is that?” They say “You know, you have to think too much,” and I think that’s a crazy answer for someone to give me “I have to think too much,” to play a game of chess. Maybe it’s not your favorite hobby overall, but there’ve been some studies done that say people who play chess a lot are much more strategic, may think through opportunities, may think through risks far better than an average person does.

Why is that? Chess helps you to think about alternatives, what can happen on the board. I’m not saying you need to run out and learn how to play chess, but I am encouraging you to think about the fact that when you run your business, you need to be strategic in the process. Are there people around you that are challenging your thinking, or does everybody simply just do what you say? Do you have a board of directors for your business, independent people that will come in and have give you ideas? Do you have professionals? CPAs, attorneys, other successful business people that you can get together with regularly, and bounce ideas off of to stimulate your thinking and to help you find more opportunity?

Mastermind groups can be small groups of 4, 5, 6 business people that get together and challenge each other on each of their businesses and try to share good ideas. What we do is we provide mentoring services. We’ll challenge you and we’ll help you think through what it is you’re doing in your business and how you might do it better or what some alternatives are. You don’t have all the bright ideas and all the right answers, and neither do I, but when people come together and collaborate together to help one another to think through things and to brainstorm, look for opportunities, that can make a huge difference in the success of your business going forward, so I’m challenging you. Get people like that around you. It’ll make a difference.