Time Tracking Software For Freelancers


Freelancers essentially are independent contractors who must manage all aspects of their business. From providing an actual service to their clients to completing marketing, accounting and other related tasks, freelancers can easily become stressed and burdened by looming deadlines. The last thing you may want is to miss a deadline or to realize at the last minute that something urgently requires your attention. There are several options for time tracking software for freelancers that can help you to stay organized and on track with your responsibilities.

This is a popular time management program that is used by more than 1.5 million people, including executives and managers. It is designed to be scalable for use with companies of all sizes, and it offers many features like time sheets and calendars to keep you on track.


Time Doctor
A service called Time Doctor has approached that helps cure this issue. By joining with Time Doctor, you will have the capacity to naturally track your employee’s hours of work and benefit levels in a clear and straightforward way. By getting to the Time Doctor’s control board through the web, you can see on-interest reporting, analysis, and productivity levels verify your representative’s are not squandering your important time and cash.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

This time tracking software for freelancers is designed specifically to help you and your project team to keep track of billable hours for a project. Many projects are priced based on the hours that you spend on them, and this has manual, digital and even mobile time sheets that can be used with great results.


When it comes to time tracking software for a freelancer that is easy to use, Cloudbooks is simple to use yet fully functional for most needs. You can create projects with ease in a well-designed interface, and you can monitor and update your projects as you work. This program even has an excellent billing feature.


Kronos is a time tracking software for freelancers, and it also can be used in larger companies. It offers features for time tracking, data collection and accounting and other tasks. This is a more complicated and comprehensive solution that is designed to meet more demanding needs for busy freelancers.


Toggl is a web-based solution that is used for freelancers to keep track of projects in a number of ways. It has desktop widgets and several types of time sheet solutions that you can use on a PC or a smartphone or other mobile device. It offers no advanced features, and its main goal is to simplify times sheet management.


When you are interested in improving your time management and tracking efforts as a freelancer, the right software program can help. Consider how these options for time tracking software for freelancers could benefit you in your daily efforts.