Top 21 Essential Online Tools & Apps for Digital Marketers 

Today, it is not enough to be just a good marketer to satisfy all the needs of a client or your own brand. Our world requires us to be quick, mobile, and fast.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, so we decided to make a small selection of essential tools for digital marketers. An online marketer can have many different responsibilities, from launching ads to posting photos on Instagram. There are separate tools for each task.

At the same time, the number of information increases as a snowball, and one person can not track the activity of visitors to the site, their interests, and analyze the market competitors at the same time. How can you keep up with everything?

Without proper planning, it is impossible to create a successful advertising campaign. So, let’s start with the tools that a digital marketer needs for research. 

Classical tools for digital marketers

Google Trends lets you see the latest trends, data, and visualizations to know what is going on now. Simply go to the website and enter the keyword or industry name you’re interested in, click “Enter”, and you will get all the information you need. 

Google Keyword Scheduler is a feature in Google Adwords that can be found on the Tools tab. It’s similar to Google Trends, but it gives you actual data that you can work with.

Ahrefs – some experts call this tool one of the best SEO and SEM on the market. You can find out where your competitors get their traffic from, how they are evaluated by certain keywords in Google search, how many backlinks and who exactly refers to their website, and much more. For example, you can set “Alerts” and get notifications every time a site occupies a keyword or gets a link somewhere on the Internet.

If your company is engaged in mobile applications, you may be interested in the Appannie tool. It is a good service for keeping track of competitors in almost every app store. It shows you how a specific keyword ranks your app in Google Play and Apple Store. It shows you everything in real-time, so you can test another text, and see what works best for you.

Buzzsumo is a tool for working with content that each digital marketer needs. It analyzes specific topics or competitors that you set and tell you which content is best suited for the successful promotion of your product or services. In addition, you can see who tweeted the content.

Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most interesting and undeservedly undervalued tools that exist today. Facebook has one of the best targeting advertising systems ever built, so it can boast tons of data for marketers. If you learn how to use this tool, it will make your work much easier. It is really easy to use and can help you more effectively plan your Facebook Ads campaign.

Another essential tool is – a useful service for every digital marketer. It helps find blogs for publishing content. All sites are strictly checked and meet certain requirements. ensures traffic to your site. It has a huge selection of pages for publication of posts. Sites are strictly selected. has a quality control system and 10 filters to choose relevant publishers. 

Analytical tools for digital marketers 

If you don’t already have Google Analytics, please postpone reading this material and urgently install it on your website.

GA-MASTER is a free service that will check all your Google Analytics account settings and show you where you made a mistake.

Facebook is confidently becoming a single marketing platform. Many experts consider Facebook Analytics for Apps one of the most powerful analytical applications. Using it, you get all the information about users: demographics, interests, and any other segmentation.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google that allows you to embed and manage your analytics and remarketing tags. It helps to solve other tasks for which you need to make changes to the site code.

Email marketing tools for digital marketers

Email marketing is one of the most effective and accessible channels in Digital. Below are some tools that can be useful to the marketer when creating newsletters.

Buzzstream is one of the most interesting tools for researching the opinion of the target audience, communicating with it individually and effectively, and managing your relationship with it. 

Pitchbox is a platform for finding and building relationships with your audience that helps you connect with bloggers and influential people in your niche. Sales and marketing are expensive for startups. Pitchbox allows marketing teams to focus on the work of building relationships, as opposed to searching and entering data. 

Active Campaign is one of the best tools for email automation. By experimenting with this service, you can set up a whole customer journey from the moment of registration to send personalized emails based on their actions. 

Autopilot is another service that allows you to set up an automatic chain of emails and integrate them with mobile messages and messengers. It is a very important and effective tool for any digital marketer. 

Design tools for digital marketers

It is not the responsibility of the internet marketer to have professional knowledge of design programs. But if you know a few simple tools for visualizing ideas, it will be a very useful skill.

Canva – if you need to quickly create several visual materials for advertising on a website, Canva will help you.

Flatpack can assist you in designing a landing page template. Like the previous tool, it is not for professional designers, but for those who need to create visual materials quickly.

Marvelapp is an excellent tool for prototyping and working together on application and website layouts. It integrates with most of the popular tools that designers use and has many interesting features that make your life easier.

Piktochart is a convenient service for creating infographics and presentations. It contains thematic templates to help you create graphics and visual effects for users with no experience.

Crello is an online service for creating graphic content from Depositphotos (a platform that has quickly won the love of marketers around the world.) Crello contains a lot of free templates for any task. 

Photza photo editing service is an excellent and very users friendly tool. Just upload your image online and get a high-end edited picture within 24 hours. Fast, professional, reliable.

GIMP Editor is a lightweight open-source graphic editor, an analog of Photoshop. It is very easy to use and can help a lot working with the photo.


We have described the main tools that are most popular among Digital Marketers today. All these services are convenient for the optimization of the work of the marketer

We cannot say that any tool is better or worse, each of them has pros and cons. The most important thing is to determine which applications will be most effective in your work. The usage of only one of them will not bring you serious results. So, test, try, and choose the most optimal tools.