Why CRM is Important In Marketing – 4 Reasons

In this post, we’re going to talk about four reasons why CRM is important in marketing. CRM is hugely important to any business for so many reasons, but it’s especially important when you’re talking about marketing and sales. So let’s talk about four reasons why.

1: CRM helps with sales.

Without good sales, marketing is never effective. So you need a good sales process, you need good sales funnels, and the CRM allows you to do that in a scalable way, capture the information you need, follow the process that you need, that you’ve proven to work through past years to drive the highest closing ratio. You want to make sure all your salespeople are following those processes and a CRM allows you to do that.

2: CRM is important because it allows you to track the lifetime value of your customer.

If you see that customers are coming from X, Y, Z marketing sources, with a CRM, you can track the lifetime value of that customer, how much revenue they’ve driven your business over time, and you can see the true value of your marketing. So in other words, leads that are coming from Facebook may drive this value, whereas leads coming from Google may drive that value. That knowledge will help you optimize your marketing to invest more in what’s working and less on what’s not.

3: CRM allows you to build in marketing automation via email and text message marketing.

With CRM, you can set up automated drip campaigns via email to customers versus leads, different types of content. You can also set up the same thing with text messages. By allowing this sort of email automation, you’re streamlining your business, you’re doing more with less, which is driving more sales.

4: CRM opens up new areas of improvement and opportunity for your business.

You’ll get more sales ideas, you’ll get more product ideas. You’ll be able to optimize your marketing based on that data. Data is important and a way of capturing that data in a streamlined way and using that data to improve your business moving forward is all possible with the CRM if you use it correctly. That’s invaluable to you longterm.

Hopefully, these four reasons help give you better insights into why CRM is so important to your business from a marketing perspective. There are so many more reasons beyond this, but hopefully, these high-level reasons help you see that.