Why Develop Strategic IT In The Company?

Information Technology (IT) goes far beyond improvements in operational activities, such as the management of payment flows, documents, and people. Increasingly, aiming to reduce failures and have access to reports that support decision making, leading companies have bet on strategic IT to improve their work. Seek here to
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In my experience, I see many managers overworked, with busy schedules that make them spend too much time on routine tasks. This forces leaders to put aside the business’s tactical goals.

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with this time management. That way, while you solve your internal problems, your competitors are looking for new markets.

How do they do it? You must be asking yourself that, right? I say that the answer is to give a more relevant role to IT! This is because strategic IT brings more quality helps to see new changes and provides more conditions to make complex choices.

Want to know more? So, follow in this post good reasons to give strategic IT the right place in the company. Check out!

Have IT services adhering to business processes

I always say that when strategic IT is adopted in the company, a complete preliminary study is made on the needs of that organization. Thus, all computer services are formulated in complete harmony with the enterprise, something that I consider essential. I believe you too, right?

Thus, if the company needs integration between the sectors, responses are built that satisfy this expectation. On the other hand, if the demand is to add innovation to goods and services, strategic IT is directed to meet these demands. Do you see how important this adjustment is?

Want an example?

I will quote a story that happened here at SML. Did you know that SML means simplicity, mobility, and freedom? That is what we defend. And with the increasingly remote work (home office), our strategic IT implemented a tool that allows calls directly from our notebook.

It is as if our extension accompanies us wherever we are. At home or in the office. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, the implementation of this tool is following what the company stands for (mobility) and made the lives of professionals much simpler (simplicity) and allows us to work from home or the office (freedom), regardless if you are a front professional office or back office, your extension will be with you.

This is strategic IT. Thinking not only of solving problems that keep us but also of problems that take us off! A solution was implemented fully in line with the company’s objectives and principles. Bringing much more transparency and efficiency to the processes!

Take progress for each of the departments

Strategic IT can be considered a consultancy for operational services. In addition to improving production and customer satisfaction, it also refines the specific service of the most varied wings that make up an organization.

Thus, strategic IT benefits the HR (Human Resources), the transport and logistics sector, the financial department, the process area, among others. Being able to bring answers to problems and automate activities, something that will have a significant impact on the overall result.

Want an example?

We have a successful case, from one of our customers, that automated a specific process and reduced the time of this process from 8 days to 30 minutes, eliminating the use of paper. Everything became digital.

The process was fully optimized to improve the relationship with the target audience and the desire to shorten the response time. Below, you can see a list of benefits that were found:

speed and standardization of activities;
service innovation.
integration of systems and databases.
information evaluation.
improving competitive conditions, more results.

This is strategic IT. They thought about the business and implemented tools that deliver results! And what a result, huh!

Grow more safely

Strategic IT can also be used to accelerate project analysis and feasibility. Because it will provide the necessary support for an organization to obtain reliable data, that is, real and true, during this process of evaluating whether or not a new project is feasible to be implemented.

The project feasibility analysis is a very important point to raise the chance level of success of a project. At this point, strategic IT can provide information speed.

Think of a company with multiple branches across the country. They are different states, different operations, stores in the most diverse addresses. Strategic IT helps to collect information in a system and ensure the accuracy of that data. And I go even further: it helps, above all, to interpret the meaning of this content in a way that this reading results in beneficial and relevant decision making for the organization.

In this way, strategic IT can help managers with complex reports on a company’s operations: its technology capacity, the quality of its professionals, the tax ratio that this business needs to pay, among other improvements. This will make the decision on new projects easier to make, as it will be based on consistent data.

Explore performance indicators better

Strategic IT contributes to a more improved analysis of performance indicators. With this, the manager gains a panoramic view of commercial or industrial activity. Based on consistent information, he decides what the next steps are to evolve.

The idea here is to have indicators in real-time, without having to wait until the end of the month to “close” the numbers! Remember that speed is the key to success today.

Decrease costs and expenses

Another benefit that I consider important is that strategic IT does not just think about the cost-benefit ratio. Strategic IT is not only concerned with whether a given tool delivers the necessary resources. Strategic IT thinks about how it can act to optimize processes and in addition to better results, reduce costs!

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